Saturday, May 08, 2010

Poor Snaggles

Poor Piper, she was dancing with Bryce and Caroline this evening (they love that Break Your Heart song) and during some rapid fire Bryce moves, she got caught in the crossfire and fell down kind of on her face again, but on the carpet this time.   Blood started soon after but it was on her inner bottom lip - we're pretty sure she cut it on her snaggletooth.  That little thing is kind of sharp.

In other news, tonight was our first bedtime without her paci but I think she was so tired because they went to bed much later, that she didn't even notice.  I'm kind of anticipating a middle of the night crying jag as she will sometimes have when she would lose her paci and then find it.  And while I know she needs to be done with it, I'm sad about it.  The pacifier just embodies her babyhood.  How she would put it in her mouth and cuddle up against you to rock her before bed.  How if she cried in the night, you could go in, find it and she would lay right back down making that cute Maggie Simpson pacifier sucking sound.  I even enjoyed how mischievous she would be to go in and steal it from her crib during the day and just walk in all nonchalantly with it in her mouth.  It's just another thing reminding me how fast my precious little baby is growing up.  I love her babyness right now.  She's still so chubby, round, and sweet.  Those pudgy little legs and cheeks make me want to just eat her up.  So I think I mourn this pacifier weaning more for me than for her.  But the dentist is right, we need to take any stress off of that tooth and the paci is no good for her mouth shape either.  We'll see how nap time goes tomorrow especially since we might not be at home because Jason will be completing the floor in the part of the kitchen that would make food preparation nearly impossible.  It would be so easy to give in and give it to her.  I put them in my jewelry drawer for safe keeping.

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