Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Piper No Eat

Piper is the tallest and heaviest of my 3 kids so far.  Funny thing is, she started out at 7lbs 13 oz, which is over a pound less than Caroline and Bryce.  She's like 27 pounds right now and both Caroline and Bryce were only 26 pounds at 2 years old.  Although if you look at her, she's certainly not chubby, she's just solid and has the most delicious legs. 

Anyway, as the months have gone on, Piper is turning more and more into a toddler and leaving her baby days behind.  (Cry!)  She wants to do everything Caroline and Bryce do and doesn't take no for an answer.  But her biggest issue that tells me she's growing up, she is refusing to eat dinner.  Ugh.  Et tu, Piper? 

Worst of all, she won't even try something, she'll just look at it, make her "ick" sound" and then shove it across the table.  Last night she went as far as putting her napkin over the bowl before shoving it while continuing to make her "ick" sound.  I'd forgotten about this age where they refuse to eat and are too young to make them eat.  However, the good thing about this age (or maybe that she isn't talking much) is that if she chooses not to eat, she isn't allowed anything later - and in her case, she can't/doesn't ask.

I'm not worried about her health - she's clearly a healthy weight and is getting enough, it's just aggravating now that all 3 kids are in the food complaining stage.  I swear, I hate dinner time sometimes.  Someone is always complaining and before it was just the older 2.  I kept telling Piper not to turn into one of "them."  I guess I didn't have a choice.  Before I know it she'll be challenging me at bedtime too. 

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Heather said...

I feel your pain. I feel your pain. I dread dinner time...I never know how it is going to turn out. I refuse to give G. anything other than what I cooked for dinner. Which, on occasion, means she goes to bed hungry. BUT she does eat a good breakfast the next morning!