Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pergo = Tired

So tired.  Jason and his brother, Jeremy, went crazy on the Pergo this weekend and installed it through the foyer and through 2/3 of the kitchen.  They worked for like 9 hours, two days in a row.  So while I wasn't a part of the actual installation, my duties were to keep the kids occupied and out of the way.  Managing all 3 kids on my own isn't remarkable in and of itself but managing all 3 on the hottest weekend of the year so far, trying to keep them outside, and without much water for the better part of the day yesterday was definitely an undertaking.  Oh and I managed to get my vegetable garden planted along with all of my front porch and deck planters planted too.  Whew.

Yesterday morning I got the kids out and we went on a mission before 9:30am.  We headed to Home Depot for gardening supplies and I went prepared with my Ergo so that I could get a flat bed and not have to worry about Piper.  With Piper in the Ergo on my back, Caroline and Bryce following along, we steered that flat bed all around and we conquered the gardening department and walked out with two seriously huge bags of potting soil and about $100 worth of plants.  Caroline was my purse holder the whole time since I couldn't really carry it with Piper on my back and a flat bed doesn't have a spot for your purse.  The big kids had a grand time helping me pick out all our plants. Caroline kept telling me that plants made her feel healthy and energetic.  Ha ha ha ha!

Then we ventured to get Piper's haircut since she was looking quite shaggy and then to pick up sunscreen since we needed a new stash to get through the sunny weekend.  When we got home the water that had been scheduled to be off until noon was still pretty much off - there was enough of a trickle to fill up a bucket in about 10 minutes but not much.  Thank goodness we'd filled the bathtubs the night before so we could flush toilets with the reserved water.  Of course it was already hot so the kids started asking about getting into the pool.  I answered that question about 353 times.  The water was supposed to come back on at noon but I think it was after 2 before it came on full force again.  In the meantime I filled the kids' sand table back up with sand so they would be entertained while I got my front porch plantings done.  Then, once that was done I started on my new deck planters that Jason got me recently.  They hug the railings so you don't have to worry about them getting blown off every storm like my old ones that just sat on top did.  At this point the kids were starving so I made lunch and put Piper down for a nap.  Then the kids continued to badger me about the pool and I started on the garden.  Even though we'd done the worst of the work a few weeks ago, new weeds had sprung up and the ground was getting packed down again so the kids helped me start to weed and then gave up.  I turned the entire garden over and got all of my tomato, red lettuce and swiss chard plants planted.  And at that point, thankfully, the water was back on so we filled that pool up as fast as we could and the kids were thrilled even though the water was frigid.

The kids splashed while I finished up my deck plantings - I got some citronella plants to ward off mosquitoes this summer.  Then Piper woke up, splashed until about 4pm at which point we all went in for showers since I was taking the older 2 kids to see a show at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin's school that night.  And then, because the kitchen was in complete disarray, we broke down and picked up McDonald's for dinner.  The kids were thrilled that the Pergo job meant a night of "Old McDonald's!"  We scarfed down our food, headed to the show (where the kids got the VIP back stage tour when the show was over) and enjoyed a night at "the theater." (Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin are theatre teachers at a local high school and this was a production by the graduating seniors - a very talented bunch!)  I was fried when we got home and passed out on the couch as soon as the kids were in bed.

Today was more of the same but given how sore and tired I was, I didn't try to accomplish much other than keeping the kids out of the way.  We had the pool filled up by 11am and the kids splashed most of the day away.  I did manage to get back out to the garden to plant my zucchini, snap peas, and cucumber seeds.  And because I was feeling vegetable deprived and didn't want fast food again, I made dinner mostly on the grill to stay as far out of the kitchen as possible. The kids are in bed now and Jason and I have picked as much up as we can.  He still needs to do the part of the kitchen where all the appliances are and the powder room although there is no rush on the powder room since it's kind of it's own entity and not in the way.

But already it looks tremendous! I am thrilled by how much nicer everything looks (and how horrible the table/chairs look in comparison.)  Now I just want to redo the powder room completely and go shopping for our new dining set.

Oh and on Friday the ice/water mechanism on the fridge stopped working.  The fridge was bought back in September so it's still under warranty.  Of course Jason has already cursed me for settling on the Samsung and not going with an older brand - but it has recently won a lot of awards!  I hope this isn't the beginning of problems with this thing.  I love it except for the ice maker.  Let's hope it's not going to be too involved to fix the damn thing.

And with that, I'm ready for bed.  I'm sure another night's sleep isn't going to do much and I'll arrive at work feeling rather tired again.  But at least it's been a productive weekend.  Although our usual household tasks have lagged a bit.  But, that's homeownership for you.......the job is never done (and if it was, you'd be bored - at least that is what I keep telling Jason.)

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Heather said...

I'm exhausted just reading that. Phew! Can't wait to see photos of the new floor!