Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paci Boot Camp

After the dentist told me that Piper's continued use of her pacifier at sleep times was going to cause more stress on her poor tooth, I decided that last weekend was going to be the time we weaned her off her beloved pacifier.  I was so sad thinking about it as it was just another baby thing that we were doing away with for my baby girl.  I actually loved the sound of her sucking on her paci - just like Maggie Simpson.  And she loved that thing - she called it her "ni."

She had her last pacifier nap on Friday afternoon and when bedtime came on Friday, I was nervous.  But, it was after 9pm, over an hour past her bedtime and Piper just went right to sleep.  I was surprised.  She slept through the whole night without any issues and only looked around for it in the morning.  The next test was her nap at my mom's on Saturday and she went to sleep really well again.  Although she didn't sleep very long either because of being awoken due to the wind blowing a door open or some other noises.  Then on Saturday night, she asked for her paci, but went right to sleep again without it.  Again, it was a little past her bedtime, so that may have helped.  Naptime on Sunday went well too.  I was starting to think we were completely in the clear. 

Then on Sunday evening she went to bed on time, so she wasn't overly tired.  We did our usual rocking and bedtime songs before sleepy time and she was fine.  She had rooted around in her crib looking for it, but I reminded her she couldn't have it anymore.  She was fine during our rocking and then I put her to bed and she was fine too.  But a few minutes after I walked out, she started crying.  Of course it didn't help that her siblings were being loud and we had to keep talking to them and telling them to be quiet, so that kept her up.  I think she ended up crying for about a half hour and then she went to sleep through the night.  And then on Monday she went to nap easily since my mom said she looked especially tired that morning.

So I really think that the "worst" of it is over.  This morning she didn't even look around her crib for it like she usually does.  I hope she's already forgetting.  I hope she did okay for my MIL today at naptime.  But every day we get away from it, I think the less likelihood we'll have of any issues.  Had I known it was going to be so easy, I probably wouldn't have kept putting it off.  Bryce had a pretty easy time of getting rid of his as well, so maybe I just overestimated my childrens' need for their pacifiers.  Or maybe I didn't want them to give it up just yet.

Now about Caroline's night time thumbsucking.......

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Heather said...

Gretchen found a pacifier on the floor about 6-months or so after we weaned her...she held it tight in her little fist and walked around the house with it. We couldn't figure out what she was hiding until we pried (sp?) her fingers open! Sneeker! It took about a week for her to live comfortably without her paci...but we replaced one pacifier at bedtime with about 25 stuffed animals...not sure which is worse! Ha!