Monday, May 10, 2010

Mudder's Day Weekend

I know this weekend was sunny, but good heavens it was windy. Ugh. Annoyingly so. While not truly cold, it was so freaking windy that it felt cold and put me in kind of a bad mood all weekend. Although I wasn't feeling 100% all weekend either as I had some kind of mild weird stomach thing going but that has thankfully rectified itself this morning, but it kind of made me semi-grumpy for the past 2 days.

Mother's Day started on Friday morning when we gave my MIL a gardenia plant for mother's day. I've gotten into the tradition of always giving our moms live plants for Mother's Day (probably because it's something I know I would like) and usually do a hanging basket but when we saw these amazing gardenia plants at Lowe's, I changed my mind. I know my mom loves gardenias too and thought my MIL would as well. They just smell soooooo good. I printed out lots of instructions to help them grow their new plant too. They had so many blooms and buds on them, I hope they are easy to grow!

Then that evening my sister, SIL, and daughters attended the Mother/Daughter Banquet with my mom at her church. My sister and I have very vivid memories of attending the same event with my mom when we were younger and so there was some nostalgia in going with her for this, especially with my own kids. I felt lucky to be going to a Mother/Daughter banquet with both my mother AND my daughters. I was glad that Chrissa and Kelly were there too. Caroline and Piper enjoyed when they played a little music and got to run around with some other cute little girls that were there with their mother & grandmother too. While all the girls were out, the boys had their night and when we returned to my house the boys (Jason, Bryce, my dad, and brother) had had a pizza, beer, and Wii night. No beer for Brycey though, he doesn't like the stuff. ;) Then all 3 kids entertained us dancing around to some music videos and we all got a kick out of Piper's cute little dance moves. We gave my mom her gardenia that evening too and she told me how they remind her of when they bought their first house because the woman living there had them.

Saturday morning was the usual but we got moving because Jason's brother, Jeremy, returned to spend the day finishing the Pergo with Jason. I took the kids to the library and then to my mom's to spend the day out of the way. This is where the wind really ticked me off. They wanted to be outside but then they kept running all over the yard and while I trust Caroline and Bryce to do that, I can't with Piper so I have to follow her. (She wants to go where they go.) And the wind just kept blowing stuff in my eyes and blowing my hair around - I didn't have a hair band with me - and it was making me mental. I also wasn't feeling great and the kids kept saying they were either bored or hungry. Finally at 4pm, I turned the TV back on and Olivia was on and gave me an hour of peace. We went home at 5pm and the men were almost done so we waited and then made a quick spaghetti dinner with what little food we had left in the house.

And then, at last, it was Mother's Day. At 7am, I was awoken by Caroline shoving a card and present in my face. She was just soooooooooo excited to give it to me and I groggily opened it and read the cute little card. It was one of those hand print sheets with a poem on it along with her named signed. It was even laminated so it looked really nice. She was especially pleased with the lady bug card she had made. I think Ms. R deserves credit for giving the kids such nice projects to do. So I gave her a big hug and kiss and then closed my eyes again. Within 5 seconds I hear Caroline say, "Bryce, what are you doing?"

"Mommy's not awake." he said standing in the middle of my bedroom looking all sleepy.

"Well, just tap her, she'll wake up." (Jason and I got a laugh out of that.)

So Bryce came tapping with his gift of a cute little card and his version of the hand print/poem display. His had a different poem and was on a piece of felt. Very cute and well done.

And then both of them were laying on top of me showering me with hugs and kisses. I kept hearing about how I was the best mommy in the world and how much they loved me. Definitely a nice way to start my day even though I was tired from staying up past midnight. Bryce kept talking about how he wanted to make me pink milk for breakfast, but since it was grocery day we didn't have much milk so I politely declined his offer. They were just SO excited it was Mother's Day. It was really adorable and I know I will remember it as they get older and this changes. I'm trying to soak up these adorable things they won't be doing forever. (And randomly I had these big white frames with matting under my bed that I'd gotten from Ikea a few years ago and never used.  The handprint displays fit perfectly and I will be able to add 2 current photos of each of them underneath to hang on the wall in my bedroom.  My mom has something similar that my brother did and I love it.  I'm looking forward to having these hanging in my room for years to come.  I'll have to post photos when I finish.)

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Jason took the big kids with him to the grocery store so I only had Piper while I cleaned up the kitchen and did a few chores. Having only 1 kid is definitely a treat. Once they got back though things went downhill a little bit as the exhaustion from staying up a little too late was kicking in hard on Caroline and Bryce. I tried laying down myself while Piper napped and was told over and over how bored they were but it was still so damn windy I wasn't feeling much like going outside. We watched a movie and then once Piper woke up, we went outside for a little while.

Then Jason and Bryce made dinner while Piper watched Olivia and I played Barbies with Caroline. Jason and Bryce made two new recipes that turned out to be VERY good. Spinach & Feta Pasta and Baked Pineapple.  I have always loved baked pineapple but my mom's recipe calls for eggs.  This one had good reviews so we tried it.  The only thing we did differently was to use crushed pineapple as opposed to the chunks.  We'd probably use less butter next time too.  The pasta though, yum.  Jason's first bite led him to decide it's something we'll put in our regular cycle.  However, the kids were less than enthused.  None of them really liked the pineapple (WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM???  But at least I have leftovers of it to look forward to!) and they only begrudgingly ate the pasta.  Caroline was hitting her exhaustion wall at this point and it turned into a full fledged fit.  Sweet.  Jason also cleaned up dinner which was definitely appreciated as my stomach still wasn't feeling good and I was tired.  Of course I was dealing with a screaming Caroline who had to finish out her fit on the steps.

Then we spent the last hour before bedtime watching Bryce and Piper run after each other and wrestle.  Those two are so funny lately - it's like Piper finally has a "use" for Bryce.  She used to shy away from him and only play with Caroline but it's like she's decided that Caroline is her playmate for dolls/Barbies and Bryce is her rough and tumble friend.  Of course I'm watching them and trying not to freak out that she's going to break another tooth or cut her head open.  Once Caroline calmed down, she joined in the hi jinks. 

Then it was off to bed with the kids and I caught up on my SNL and Duggars DVR.  I woke up feeling much better this morning and truly rested for the first time in a while.  Did I mention I stopped taking the Zyrtec, hence the rested feeling, I think?

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