Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr. Tough

Since Bryce's birthday isn't until the very end of summer, he's pretty much outgrown his little 3 wheeler, and he's always asking to use Caroline's 2 wheeler, we thought it might be a good idea to get him his big boy bike as a very early birthday gift this weekend. We took him to TRU and he picked out a Huffy bike that is orange, black and white (Orioles colors, he told us) that says "Major Trouble" on the bars of it. (Major as in an armed services rank, I believe since it's got a slight military motif.)

Jason put it together for him when we got home and Bryce was up on it in no time. I still am quite surprised at how coordinated he is given how clumsy he can be. But within that first ride, he also had his first big spill. Scratched knee and a big old scratch on his helmet (thank you, helmet!). But, most importantly, he got right back up and started riding again! No fear at all! (Had that been Caroline, she certainly would have given up for the day.)

So yesterday when I took him out to ride, knowing his little knees are still pretty raw, I had him wear his matching knee pads just in case. And they came in handy when he had a little spill just as we got back home. He's had many of these little spills where he kind of falls off just as he's coming to a stop and he'll get right back up and yell back to me, "It's okay, I didn't fall, Mommy!"

Such a different experience with the bike than what we had with Caroline. I love his rough and tumble attitude. My little dude.

Later that evening, my mom and I took the kids on a long walk/bike ride down to the water and on the way back, Bryce got too far ahead of me (racing with Caroline) and had another spill. This time he cried and both knees were scraped with some bleeding, but that little boy got right back on his bike and rode the entire way home. I was so proud of him!

He was a little upset about the scraped knees when we got home and made it clear to me that I was NOT to call them "boo boos" that they were cuts. I took him right in to get a bath to clean up his legs and he was afraid to get into the tub because "the bleed would get all in the water." I assured him that they were not bleeding anymore and he would be fine - he was. Then he proceeded to tell me "they were big bleeds and they bled all over the sidewalk. The sidewalk just sucked up the blood before you got there, Mommy." After his bath he didn't even ask for a band-aid, which tells you that he wasn't in any pain.

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Bertie said...

Good picture of our handsome little man! Such a good sport.