Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm so excited, I just bought tickets for an Aberdeen Ironbirds game the night before Bryce's birthday in August.  He is just so into watching sports with Jason on TV lately, especially the lackluster Orioles.  He also knows we're taking my dad to a game in a few weeks and keeps asking when he gets to go.  Not that we don't want to take him to an Orioles game, but we think he'd enjoy an Ironbirds game even more since it's really geared toward families and children. 

The Single A season is pretty short compared to MLB and there are a lot of season ticket holders so there aren't many single game tickets available each year.  They went on sale the to general public just last week so I got online today and got 4 tickets for a late August game.  I'm hoping my MIL will be willing to babysit Piper that night since I don't think she'll tolerate a 7:05 pm start very well and they don't live too far from there.  (Sandy, if you're reading this, I am going to ask you - this isn't my request. :)  ) 

I feel kind of bad that it's so far off in kid time, but Jason thinks that because Bryce is such a planner that knowing we have tickets already and knowing it's coming up will be enough.  I think he's probably right because Bryce likes nothing more than to talk about all the things he knows are on the horizon.  (He's been talking about his plans for the drive down to the beach this year since last summer!)   I can't wait to get home and tell him the big news!


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Oh man, he is going to love that!

Viv said...

Jay's parents work for the IronBirds every summer as ushers for fun since they are HUGE baseball fans (Jay's Mom is a teacher and Jay's Dad is retired) and we have taken the girls to a least 1 game every year since they were born - They love it! We usually go to the one day game they have (which happens to be the last home game or now they have a "going green" game) since a 7 pm start is kinda late for the girls. You guys are gonna have a lot of fun, it's a great time - everyone has a great seat (just watch foul balls, I got pelted while holding Makenzie when she was just 1 year old - I used my body so she didn't get hit and I got hit in the back cause I twisted to cover her- OUCH! And what's funny is that I was pregnant with Victoria at the time but didn't know it so I was protecting her too ;) )