Friday, May 14, 2010

The Fridge Hates Us

About 2 weeks ago, the ice/water dispenser in our fairly new fridge started acting wonky.  It has one dispenser that you press a button to tell it if you want water, crushed ice, or cubed ice.  At first we noticed the little light wouldn't come on at dispensing and then when you switched between your 3 choices, it took a few seconds for it to "take."  Often you'd press for water and end up getting ice because it was like it hadn't had a chance to switch gears.  Then it started beeping at us and not letting you switch away from water.  It stopped making ice too.  It's still under warranty so Jason got the local repair company responsible for Samsung appliances to come out.  They assessed it and figured it was that the motherboard needed to be replaced.  (Yeah, the fridge is so complicated it needs a freaking motherboard.)  Well, they had to order it and it came in early in the week and the guy came by today to install it.  Overall, it hadn't been too terrible of an inconvenience because the water was still working and that is what we use the most, especially me.  If I needed ice, I could open the ice maker and get some - the ice maker randomly started working again in the middle of the week too.

But, unfortunately, the motherboard replacement didn't work.  The repair guy was actually pretty surprised and frustrated that it didn't fix the problem and spent a lot of time on the phone with the company trying to figure it out.  Turns out we might have to have the whole water/ice dispenser replaced.  Lovely.  And now it won't dispense water anymore only crushed ice.  I'm not a fan of crushed ice.  Plus it keeps blinking ERROR and it was making me so crazy I had to put some sticky notes over the blinky lights to block them out.  I'm just worried that at some point the whole damn fridge is going to stop working and we'll be up a creek.

And no, we didn't buy the extra service warranty that Lowes always tries to sell you.  Most product advisors (like Consumer Reports or Smart Money) will actually tell you NOT to buy them for things that stand still.  But you can bet we bought it for our new dishwasher last week.  Of course, that will probably never give us any problems.

So here's hoping that the entire fridge doesn't go belly up and that it can be repaired without too much more intervention.  Otherwise I might have to give Mr. Samsung a piece of my mind.  LEMON!


Katie said...

Oh no! I love having a fridge dispenser now, so I would be upset if it broke now! We have samsung washer/dryer. we did get the warranty from lowes b/c it wasn't that much and we figured it was worth it since we spent so much on the set. i hope samsung/repair people fix it appropriately!!!

Viv said...

Too bad you can't get water from y our fridge to make lemonade with your lemon ;)

Here's hoping it can be fixed (crossing fingers for you)

Bertie said...

The fact that you don't like crushed ice is a trait that I have and your dad loves crushed ice. However, letting Mr. Samsung know about your displeasure is a trait from your dad! LOL
Love you!

Heather said...

Call Samsung and tell them to give you a whole new one, with a new warranty!!!!

Viv said...

I agree with heather - call and get a whole NEW unit!