Sunday, May 23, 2010


A few weeks ago at bedtime, Jason and Bryce were laying in bed together and Jason started flicking his cheeks and playing songs for Bryce to guess.  (You know how you open your mouth to make a hollow sound and it makes different tones depending on how you open your mouth?)  Anyway, ever since then Bryce has been constantly flicking his cheeks.  In fact, he's constantly flicking EVERYTHING.  Me.  Caroline.  Piper.  Jason.  Annoying.

Sometimes he does it so much he has little red spots on his cheeks from all the flicking.  Of course he doesn't quite make the sounds that Jason can make but that doesn't stop him from flicking.  It's like a newly learned skill that he wants to practice constantly.  Nothing like your kid walking up to you and you think he's going to kiss you and instead he flicks you hard in the face.  And yeah, it's really hard not to flick him right back.  Not saying that hasn't happened.....

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