Monday, May 17, 2010

Finishing the Job - OUCH!

Oh my poor, Piper! Last night we were going outside and stepping off the front porch and she was doing her thing where she kind of lets her feet slide off the step and she clunks down onto the ground. Except this time she was doing it on the 2nd step, over cement, and she was leaning over WAAAAAY too much. I grabbed at her but it was too late. I managed to get my thumb and forefinger on her diaper but that ripped in my hand and she bowled over, face first.

I seriously almost started crying knowing she hit her face on the ground and what she'd done to her tooth just a little over a week ago. And for a split second I wondered if she'd just completely broken off the snaggly end of that tooth. I grabbed her up, yelled for Jason and took her in to survey the damage.

Thankfully all of her teeth are intact and it seems her nose is what bore the brunt of the fall. She has a small abrasion on her forehead and knees too but her nose looks pitiful. This photo was taken right after it happened (and after she was totally "over it"). It looked much worse this morning as the entire bulb of her nose is now maroon and scabby. (I was calling her Rudolph.) My poor poor baby. My heart can't take much more of this.

Funny thing is, Bryce went through a phase like this right before he turned 2 also.  Here and here are the times Bryce messed up his little face.  It was like adding insult to injury.  I'm wondering if there is a correlation to the age in terms of their size, their ability, their changing body/coordination, etc.  Piper is actually quite sure footed, unlike Bryce, so it kind of surprises me that she's having problems all a sudden.  Of course Caroline was sure to note that she never had any of that happen to her.

After all this, she wanted to smell my flowers.  Cutie pie.


BJ said...

Oh no, poor little Piper. She just has had it rough lately! It does seem like it might be a correlation to age. Her poor little nose :<

Katie said...


Bertie said...

What a cute picture of our baby! So cute too to see her with her crocs on! I see she has her tissue with her too...such a sweetie.