Thursday, May 13, 2010


Now that that new kitchen floor is almost done we decided to suck it up and get a new dishwasher.  The dishwasher that was part of the house when we built it is now 7 years old and was loud, breaking off pieces of the drawers, and just not getting things very dry anymore.  Jason did his research and we ended up with a lovely, black KitchenAid that is oh, so quiet and did I mention, it's black?  (We are slowly converting all our appliances over to black from the stupid decision we made 7 years ago to have white ones installed.)  We now have a black fridge and dishwasher.  All that's left is the range and over the stove microwave, although Jason tells me regularly that I slam the microwave door too hard so maybe it won't last much longer.  It has been making a strange noise every so often, so who knows?

I just liked that we loaded it up last night and ran it and I couldn't hear it from upstairs anymore.  Nice.


Katie said...

Yeah for new appliances. Now you can join me in reading appliance manuals at night. ;-) We had white appliances in our townhouse, but only b/c the cabinets were white and we didn't spring for stainless.
Black looks sleek in your kitchen. With that and the floors you guys are home improvement warriors!!

BJ said...

KitchenAid.. great appliances! We miss all of our KitchenAid appliances :>:>