Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dentist Chair

I forgot I took this yesterday at the dentist with my BlackBerry.  How cute is this? 

She was so funny in that chair. She totally charmed everyone in the office as she is just the friendliest little kid waving and telling everyone hello and good bye. As soon as we checked in all the staff were like, "Oh, this is Piper.  We have been talking all day about how much we liked her name and couldn't wait to meet her."  The hygienist and Dr. T reiterated the exact same thing to me when they met her.  It's funny how Piper's name gets such rave reviews from the 40 and under crowd, but some older folks gave me such semi-rude comments about it the first time they heard it.   I'll be curious where Piper shows up on the annual Social Security Administration's top 500 name list from 2009 that comes out this weekend (it always comes out on Mother's Day) as it's been slowly gaining popularity in recent years although still above #150.


Heather said...

Could she be any cuter?

Katie said...

I saw they posted the 2009 lists today!