Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Class Picture Fun

I knew that Caroline's class photo was going to be a very big deal to her.  I put it in the 8x10 frame that we'd had her preschool class photo in from last year and sat it on her dresser.  It hasn't been put back there since she saw it.  She looks at it constantly but last night I got the biggest laugh out of it so far.  Jason and I were downstairs about to embark on our second episode of True Blood (oooo, we're fans now!) and we heard them upstairs still awake and carrying on.  So I went up and as I was walking up the steps I could hear them giggling and Caroline naming every single kid in her class - first and last name.  After each name, Bryce would dissolve into giggles upon hearing their last name.  I know that when they take role each day, they read each child's first and last name and because Caroline has been blessed with my good memory, she has them all memorized - or at least she has the gist of their last name memorized.  I don't know all their last names but having seen them all from time to time in Caroline's star of the week booklet, I know she didn't get them all completely right and her interpretation of them made me laugh.  But the funniest part was as she was going kid by kid, row by row and she got to herself (read her name) and then she said her teacher's name as R_____, Linda.  BIG LAUGH, in fact I had to stifle mine.  It was like saying her teacher's full name was the funniest thing she ever heard.  And then, surprisingly she got to the teaching assistant and she said, M_____, Dorothy!  I didn't even know Ms. M's first name!  Again, more giggles.

I stood on the steps and let her finish and then came around the corner and found Bryce and her laying in her doorway with her class photo and a pencil that she was using as her pointer to teach Bryce each child's name.  They were startled to see me and Bryce started crying right away knowing he was in trouble for not being in his bed.  I took the photo for the night to help them avoid temptation and got them both settled back in.  It's just so funny how cute they can be together and to hear Caroline's perspective on her class.  It just doesn't need to be happening at 9pm!

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