Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Cry cry cry.   Tonight after dinner, Piper took off down the hallway toward the front door, slipped and landed flat on her face.  Immediately there was blood, which I'm kind of used to since she has an attached frenulum and it bleeds easily if her lip is pulled away from her gums at all.  I picked her up and sat her on the counter to try and stop the bleeding but as she cried, mouth wide open, I saw a little piece of white that I was hoping was a leftover piece of potato from dinner.  It wasn't.  It was a piece of tooth.

I took a quick look and saw her top left tooth had a big chunk out of it that matched the piece I had in my hand. I called Jason in from mowing the lawn and called the dentist right away.  Piper's never even been to the dentist but they said to bring her in since we're all patients.  A lot of good that did, except for them to assess that the nerve isn't exposed but that she's got quite a sharp little snaggletooth now.  They said they could have tried to seal it but they didn't want to get too aggressive with her so they are having us see a pediatric dentist.  I'll call first thing in the morning.  Of course they tell you all about how with any tooth trauma it can cause the nerve to die and then there are a whole host of things they do to try and preserve that tooth in its spot as long as possible.  Given that Caroline is almost 6 1/2 with long roots still on her baby teeth (at last x-ray) and didn't get her first tooth until she was almost 10 months old and Piper didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months old, makes me think Piper isn't going to have a whole front tooth again until she's like 9.  Cry cry cry.    I know that in the grand scheme of things this really isn't terrible, but it just makes me sad.  I mean a broken arm or a cut on the head can heal, but not teeth.  I also remember how hard a time my brother had when he pretty much did the same thing Piper did but to one of his adult teeth.  Poor kid got ridiculed for his funny looking tooth.  How can my beautiful baby girl have a snaggletooth?  (I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.)

Jason and I are kind of surprised it took her this long to do any damage to herself though.  She climbs on everything and contorts herself into all kinds of weird positions on top of things.  Just about 5 minutes before this all happened, I saw her out on the deck, standing on the very back of a kiddie deck chair.  I was so mad that I threw the damn chair out into the yard.  Nothing is safe around Piper.  In fact, she had stopped crying by the time we pulled out of the driveway and was content to drink the cup of (cold) milk I'd brought along for her.  At the dentist she was her usual self and when we got home she was climbing on everything even fell again.  At that point we realized that the culprit was likely the combination of the more slippery new floor (doh!) and these particular shoes that we didn't realize until then that basically have this fake looking tread on the bottom that is soft like FELT!  Felt + Pergo = SLIP!  Who makes toddler shoes with slip inducing stuff on the bottom???  I just feel so bad about it all now.  About all the dental visits to come, about how much she's going to HATE all of this, the fact that the pediatric dentist is all the way up in freaking Bel Air, about how they might want to sedate her to cut her frenulum, and just the fact that she doesn't have her perfect baby teeth.

Like I said, I know this is a very small blip on the childhood accident radar, but it still just sucks.  I wish I could just super glue that little piece back on and all would be fine.  I did joke with my mom that Piper is the first one of my kids to lose a part of her tooth.  Maybe the Tooth Fairy should come tonight?

ETA: I'm looking at my dental benefits and noticed I don't need a referral to a pediatric dentist so I'm not going to use the one they are recommending based on how far away it is.  I found one that looks great online nearby so I'll make that call tomorrow.  Fingers crossed they can fit her in this week!

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Katie said...

Awwww. I'd be upset too, so I'm not gonna tell you not to worry. You are right though, in the grand scheme of things, it is a minor blip. Snaggletooth Piper. Another cute nickname for your daredevil child. If it makes you feel better, I know a whole lotta people who have had similar experiences... my niece Kiely for example. Kiely fell on her tooth when she was a baby, maybe younger than Piper and her one front tooth was always a different color than the other... I guess from nerve damage. No one really noticed or cared though. A classmate of Emily's fell and lost her front tooth entirely when she was a baby. Hers just fell out or they pulled it out, so she has always had a cute missing tooth in front, which is always adorable on a little one. My niece Colleen has two teeth in front that have fused together and AM has been waiting and waiting for them to fall out b/c it is ugly, but no one notices unless they look really closely. Obviously none of these stories will help b/c it is not your child, but hoping that the pediatric dentist helps you out and that it seems less upsetting somehow. ((hugs))