Saturday, May 15, 2010

Caroline's Mop

Oh my gosh, that girl has the most unruly head of hair or maybe it's just she that is unruly?  Her hair is soooo thick.  Probably as thick, if not more, than mine.  And she's obsessed with it.  "Plain hair is boring hair," she'll tell me.  Right now she's growing it longer - "down to her heart" - she tells me often.  She's growing out her bangs because I told her why have bangs when you only pull them back?

The problem is that her hair causes problems in the mornings.  She can get snippy about what clothes she's wearing but when it comes to her hair, she can be super nasty and unfortunately it's my MIL or my mom that bear the brunt.  My MIL has even tried getting her some new hair accessories specifically for thick hair to help her but it hasn't helped that much.  The main part of the problem is that while her hair is doable, SHE has to be the one who does it.  She wants to do "complicated" pony tails but because she doesn't quite have the dexterity to do it with a ponytail holder, she'll try to do it with a bunch of clips that obviously don't stay very well.  One of the hair accessories that my MIL so lovingly bought for Caroline the other day were some good old fashioned banana clips!  We helped her put them in and they looked so cute and she loved them! But when my MIL tried putting one on her yesterday, it just wasn't staying in as well as Caroline wanted and so after a trial of getting it in, she ended up taking it out.

Some days, Caroline comes up with some real doozies of hair styles with hair clips of all shapes and sizes and hair shooting out in all directions - but she thinks she looks pretty.  She rarely picks anything that matches her clothes either so that makes me a little nuts too.  But honestly, I don't care what she looks like as long as she's not upset about it.  She rarely even lets me brush her hair because she says it hurts.  (I promise I'm being very gentle and we use real conditioner on it, not that kiddie stuff.)  Every now and then though she will let me brush it and do it and she's very happy - until she tries to replicate the style I did the next day and then gets frustrated.   She also goes to bed with her hair damp most nights since she won't let me dry it and she doesn't do the best job of brushing it either.  I've told her that as her hair grows that it becomes more of a problem that I will have Ms. Pam cut it off so she needs to realize it needs to be brushed more often if it's longer.  Sometimes though when she's being particularly difficult upon getting ready for bed or getting ready for the day, to get her attention, I'll just do a few (non-rough) strokes of a brush in her hair (strokes that wouldn't hurt you or me) and that works pretty well.  I don't hit my child, I just brush her hair.


Katie said...

I guess the grass isn't greener then.

Lisa :) said...

Oh, how I remember those days! My oldest has super thick hair. She pretty much let me do whatever to it. My youngest hair was always hard to brush and she would cry. We used Loreal for kids tangle spray of some sorts. I am not sure if they still have it on the market. It always had a nice scent. Good luck. I know hair can be a challenge.