Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bubba and (Lady) Ga-Ga

Well, Ms. Piper is expanding her list of words, finally.  It's still slow going but all of a sudden last week she started calling Caroline, Ga Ga although it's more of a mix of a G and C sound.  Sometimes it's more "ga" and other times it's more "ca."  What's funny is that she can now rat Caroline out for things she's done.  "Piper, why are you crying?"  And she'll look at you and say through her tears, "GA GA!" Or, "Piper, who took off your pants?"  "CA-CA!!"   She starts calling for her big sister first thing in the morning and if Caroline isn't right at the table for a meal, Piper yells for her.  (Bryce called Caroline "Ca-Ca" around this age too.)  But this time Bryce needed a nickname and I was a little worried given Bryce's utter disgust with being called anything except for his real name (and the occasional Brycey).  So when Piper started calling Bryce, "Bubba," this morning, I was a little nervous.  But shock of shocks, he LIKES it.  Although who wouldn't love being called Bubba by such a cute little thing?  And tonight they were like two little peas in a pod running around all ready for bed holding hands, falling and wrestling, Piper yelling "Bubba" a bunch of times as he tickled her.  I worried some that she didn't really like how rough Bryce can be sometimes but I think she just has to be in the mood for his type of fun.  And when she is, watch out because she can be pretty rough too.  It's really interesting to see the relationships developing between Caroline and Piper as well as Bryce and Piper as Piper gets older and is becoming more relational.   I just wonder if this Bubba thing will stick because I've known a few "Bubbas" that have never outlived that nickname.

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BJ said...

That is so cute. It will be interesting to see how long Bryce lets it last. I use to get onto my sisters for trying to give me a nickname.