Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book = Teddy Bear

The other night Caroline woke up around midnight when another round of thunderstorms went through. In usual fashion, she admits to knowing they can't hurt her and understanding what is going on, but that she's still scared (startled) every time it thunders. I went into her room, told her she could sleep with her light on and that the best thing to do was to distract herself with a book to pass the time and not be so scared. Usually that isn't enough but I could tell as I was talking to her she was really tired and maybe she would settle down. I handed her a book, closed her door and went back to bed myself. Jason woke up at his normal wake up time of 4am and she was passed out with her light on - book in bed with her.

The next night at dinner I told her how proud I was of her for not keeping everyone up because she was scared during the storm. I told her I'd noticed she had the original book I'd handed her in bed with her so she must not have read for long either.

"I didn't read at all. I just cuddled up because a book was in bed with me. To me, a book is like a teddy bear. They just make me feel better."

I kid you not, that is verbatim what she said. Told you she liked reading and books.


Viv said...

Kenzie sleeps with 5 or 6 books with her every night - and it changes from night to night depending on what we did that day or what we are going to do the next day (like the the zoo books or beach books) or if she has new library books! I thought it was a little off the wall to sleep with books all around you (she reads before she goes to bed, after I read to her and I let her keep the light on cause a flashlight was a good idea and turn the light off when i got to bed) Glad to see it kinda normal :)

BJ said...

That is too cute! I think you have a book worm in the family.