Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Before & After

Sunday, with 2 full front teeth:

This evening with 1 1/2 front teeth: (click on the photo for a close up)

Poor Piper.  Well, really, she's fine.  The pediatric dentist was wonderful but there's not much you can do except wait and see if it turns gray or if it abscesses.  Apparently an abscess can form at any time she has the tooth so we have to be watching for a puss bubble above her tooth on her gums until this tooth falls out.  You know, in like 6 years.  So at this point we just kind of get used to it.  Dr. T didn't even think it needed to be filed down, but she did mention that we have to get rid of the pacifier as it can put more stress on that tooth.  Sooooo, guess what we'll be doing this weekend?  Yep, not sleeping as Piper goes cold turkey without the paci.  Honestly, I'm not as worried about the nights because as long as I know she's okay, I can let her scream.  I just wonder if this means her naps will go to the wayside.  She's a pretty good napper, even if they aren't always really long, she's pretty consistent about taking them still.  Let's hope Operation Paci goes as smoothly for her as it did for Bryce.  Although I don't think he was as attached to it as Piper seems to be.

Piper was adorable for the dentist and let her examine her teeth without any issues.  I think she just gave off a really great vibe, as did the hygienist.  I'm probably going to switch the big kids over to them at their next checkup because I want them all in one place and I think the older two would get a kick out of it.

The dentist also commented on her overbite and bite and was surprised that she doesn't suck her thumb based on her mouth shape but that led her to ask about mouth shapes in the family.  Seems Piper (and Caroline) have inherited their father's side of the family's mouth shapes.  A mouth shape that involved head gear and braces.  Eek.  Bryce seems to have gotten the jaw/mouth from my side of the family - perfect picket teeth.  Let's hope he doesn't screw them up with some kind of oral injury.  

As for me, I'm doing okay with it.  I cringe every time I see her funny smile.  But I know we'll get used to it.  I just am mourning those cute kindergarten school photos with cute little baby teeth where they look so sweet before the monstrous adult teeth grow in and temporarily contort their faces.  

Oh and here's a cute photo of the girls outside together tonight:

And my new favorite photo of the 3 of them, how cute is this?


Katie said...

First of all, the kids on the slide is the most adorable photo ever. Love, love, love it!!!!

As for Snaggletooth, I can see why you are upset b/c it was more of a chip than I had imagined, although it just looks like it has grown in crooked rather than chipped. I've seen worse on some kids' non-chipped teeth!

Of course, she has such a pretty, happy smile, it's hard to notice it at all, even in photos.

What an ordeal for you right before mamas day, but I guess this will go down as one of her defining stories, no?

She's still as pretty as ever. ;-)

I'm getting nervous about these third kids. Wild women???

Erika said...

Thanks, K (and for your comment on the last post about all the chipped teeth kids you know!)

Yeah, these 3rd babies are something special. Very special. I look at her every day and I'm so glad we had a 3rd. Even with all her craziness, I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Viv said...

So I'm gonna chime in, I know 3 children who are younger than M who have chipped front teeth and one little girl who actually just turned 4 who had to have her front 2 teeth pulled due to an accident. Most of then were playground accidents, but 1 was a crib accident, I think. So don't feel bad, accidents happen andas long as she isn't in pain and is smiling away, then that's what really matters right :)

Viv said...

And I'm glad you had a good experience at the new dentist....

Heather said...

Oh, she's still a cutie pie! That photo of her and Caroline on the chairs....Piper looks like such a big girl next to Caroline!

The slide photo...that's fabulous!

Heather said...

Oh, she's still a cutie pie! That photo of her and Caroline on the chairs....Piper looks like such a big girl next to Caroline!

The slide photo...that's fabulous!