Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Bryce's cough started up again overnight - wth?  Pollen levels were even supposedly lower today and are supposed to be sky high tomorrow - lovely.  I left work an hour early so I could take the big kids to family time at Caroline's school's Book Fair.  Bryce was VERY excited to be going to Caroline's school.  He hacked through the book fair, hacked through dinner and complained his throat hurt.  He hacked the whole way to the 3 of us getting our hair cut.  I used to love getting my hair cut, it was probably the most relaxing thing I did for myself.  But then I started taking Caroline to the same lady that does mine to save time and now I take Bryce too.  It's definitely NOT relaxing anymore - in fact, I hate haircut night now but it saves us time and money so it's worth it for now.  Obviously the only thing I have time for is a quick cut and very quick blow dry!

Anyway, so we walk into the hair salon and thankfully it's not crowded a all.  It was just Pam (our hairdresser)and one of the other hairdressers on the way out.  As I'm walking back to get my hair shampooed so it can dry out a little while the kids get their hair cut, Caroline yells and I turn around and there is Bryce standing there with a puddle of vomit at his feet, vomit all over his hand, vomit down his shirt, and vomit all over his chin.  Awesome.

Thank goodness I don't go to any hoity toity hairdresser!  Pam was great.  She threw me some wet towels and cleaned up Bryce and before I had a chance to start doing it myself, she was wiping up the floor.(She has 3 granddaughters pretty much the exact same ages as my 3 kids, so she's been there, done that.)  She then took him back in the kitchenette and got him a Sprite to sip on.  Thankfully his shirt only had a little bit of barf on it that came off and thankfully he hadn't eaten much for dinner and hadn't had any milk!!!!  He said he felt okay and he was fine the rest of the outing.  He coughed some through his actual haircut, but was fine for the most part.

Now I don't know if he is actually sick with what Caroline had last week or if he just happened to gag after all that coughing.  He looks an absolute allergy mess right now and I'm soooooooooooooo glad we are going to see the allergist tomorrow.  The plan is to send him to school tomorrow as long as we don't have any more barfing, but we'll see how he's feeling in the morning too.  He was just plain done tonight after we got home and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow - but that has been the case since allergy season broke out.

My poor boy - I felt so bad for him at the salon.  He looked pitiful sitting there sipping on his drink.  I'm so thankful for such an understanding hairdresser and an empty salon.   I can only hope for some kind of relief from the allergist tomorrow too.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the doctor put him on a short course of steroids to just calm things down.


Bertie said...

Please alert me to your haircut appts. and I am so close, I can come and be there with the kids while you get your hair done...besides, it's extra time I get to see them :-)
Poor Brycey!

Heather said...

Oh, poor Bryce! Poor you! I hope he feels better soon. I never have allergies and even I feel it this year...so I know its bad.