Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wines and Surprise!

We had my dad's 60th surprise birthday party at Boordy Vineyards  today. It's been in the works for months but today was the day we all pulled it together.  I think my mom, the quintessential party planner, may have forgotten the small detail that she would be the one getting my dad to the event and wouldn't be the one doing all the party prep that morning.  She had been dropping stuff off at my house for a few weeks and we had all been scrambling over email the past couple days to get the final details in order.  But it all came together when the 3 kids got together this morning. (And my mom did a great job setting everything us for us to pull it off!)

My dad knew something was coming because my mom told him and because he'd know by looking at bank statements on a daily basis that something was up, but he didn't know when or what.  I guess he was even thinking that last night's impromptu dinner at our house might have been "it."  Mom said he was pretty fooled until coming close to the room we were in saw an old friend that would have never been there but still at that point, it was quite a surprise and you can see in this photo he was still pretty excited and surprised by everything.

So we had 40 family and friends join us for an afternoon of wine, light fare, and bluegrass.  It was a WONDERFUL day!  The weather wasn't very sunny or very warm but in the historic barn, it was just fine.  We counted down the top ten infamous Geno moments and the top ten memorable moments as well and then one of my dad's best friends sang the traditional, goofy, milestone birthday song (that they usually do together) and then a more serious, self written song.  My dad was humbled by the outpouring of love and we were just so happy to have been able to celebrate with him.  Just a perfect day! (Oh and the kids were NOT invited - MY choice! - so Jason and I enjoyed a very nice afternoon while the kids had a great time with Aunt Kelly/Uncle Jesse.  Thanks K&J!!)

My siblings and I counting down our favorite dad moments together:

A better view of the wing of the barn we were in:

Me and my dad in his big 60 hat that a neighbor brought for him - he said later that he couldn't really be very serious wearing it - not that my dad is a serious kind of guy but it is a little goofy.

If you're looking for a really different place to do an event, Boordy is it!  Very casual but so much fun - great atmosphere and friendly staff.  I really want to go back for some other events this summer when it's warm and we can sit outside, drink wine, and listen to music.

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