Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome Baby Flora!

My cousin had her baby last night at 3:30am!  This is the first family baby on either side except for my kids, so I'm just thrilled!!  Congratulations to my cousin, Adriane and her husband, Drew, on the birth of baby Flora.  I can't wait to see photos!

I haven't talked to my cousin yet but I'm guessing that little Flora's name may have something to do with Flora who was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.  Obviously she was born in spring and my cousin is a botanist and avid nature lover, so it totally makes sense that their little bundle is named so appropriately.

I need to call my grandmother since I am sure she is bubbling with excitement upon the birth of her 4th great-grandchild.

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Katie said...

What a unique name! Congrats to your family & cousins. My girls will love that name b/c of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty: Flora, Fauna, & Merriweather. ;-)