Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sun Day

What's better than a snow day?  A SUN day!  A water outage in the area caused the university to close and I had the day off!  Woohoo!  I heard that on the radio at 6am and of course, was bolt, upright awake.  Why does that always happen on unexpected days off? I remember that as a kid too upon learning school was closed.   So I was up even earlier than usual because, well, I didn't have to go to work!  Although I was a little sad to take Caroline and Bryce to school - I wanted them on vacation with me.  But I took them and spent the morning with Piper.  We watched a little CSPAN to look for my sister at the Michelle Obama town hall session on childhood obesity.  (Saw her and apparently Chrissa shook her hand!)  Piper and I also replanted all of my seeds for snap peas and baby lettuces because someone (me) forgot to take the protective cover off yesterday and basically baked all my baby seedlings.  DOH!  I was so angry with myself.  But they should catch back up again in about a week, I hope!

Then after I picked up Bryce and put Piper down for her nap, Bryce and I did a science project on the deck where we took measurements of where the shade was every 15 minutes and then made projections.  Fascinating stuff!  I coerced him inside to watch a movie to get out of the pollen craziness since his eyes were blood red and then after Piper woke up I made the decision to  take a page from Michelle Obama's book and walk to get Caroline from school.  Of course I was pulling 2 kids behind me in a wagon so it was even better exercise than walking the .8 mile (each way).  Caroline was thrilled to walk home for the first time and it was nice because we got to talk the whole way while Bryce and Piper were quiet in the wagon - fancy that - my 2 loudest children were quiet!   It's so rare I get uninterrupted conversations with Caroline these days since Bryce pretty much NEVER stops talking and Piper has to be attached to me every second.  I feel so bad because Caroline is less pushy when it comes to getting mine and Jason's attention and when you have 2 very needy siblings it's hard to get a word in edgewise.  But Jason and I make efforts all the time to talk to just her and we get on Bryce's case for interrupting Caroline also.  And did I mention how LOUD that kid talks?  Caroline might be a loud singer, but she doesn't hold a candle to Bryce's big voice - reminds me of my brother!

So now the kids are in bed and pretty tired out from all the activity (we rode bikes for a while after dinner too) and I'm ready to plop down on the couch for a bit before bed.  Will tomorrow bring water back to work?  We shall see, but I'm so glad we had water.  We've lost it so many times in the recent past and know how much it sucks!


Katie said...

I love that you walked home from school! Glad you had a day off too. Is it me, or do water main breaks happen a lot up there?

Erika said...

This wasn't actually a water main break, it was a power outage (caused by a fire at the pumping station) where the water wasn't being pumped through the pipes. Who knew? We've definitely had our share of outages near our house though, so I was very thankful we were not affected by this one!

Katie said...

When I worked in Towson, I think I recall two or three days in a year where there was no water for some reason or another.

Erika said...

We lost water once since I've worked here besides that. Although you're right, there have been other Towson area water problems where the university didn't lose water but other places did. High stress on the infrastructure, I'd bet.