Thursday, April 22, 2010

Steroid Boy

The doctor took one look and listen to Bryce and knew right away what I already suspected - seasonal asthma.   He even did his first Symbicort treatment right there in the office and his cough quieted down rather quickly.  We got home and Bryce passed out on the couch probably because it was the first time in 18 hours that he had stopped coughing.  He'll continue with a puff of the inhaler twice a day through the end of May and then once a day in June as the pollen finally dies down to manageable levels. 

He also put him on a short 5 day course of Prednisone and the magic that the drug works is unreal.  He woke up like a new man this morning.  So the combo of the inhaler and steroids really did him well.  The doctor also put him on a Z-pack since he thinks he could have bronchitis on top of this asthma mess.  So right now he's on 6 meds including his allergy medicine.  Thankfully we can do without the eye drops through his steroid course so it's one less med to put into him.  I hate dosing him so highly but at this point anything is better than what we were dealing with the past few days. 

I kept him home again today since I think he needs another day for his throat to heal.  He coughed so much it's raw and drinking anything besides water makes it burn.  Although he was rarin' to go when my ILs arrived this morning so I'm sure they'll be dealing with his new found energy all day.  I just hope it doesn't turn into 'roid rage with the steroids and end up in more fighting with Caroline.  (That was one of the first signs I knew he was better, he and Caroline were fighting already.  Sigh.)

The other good news at the allergist is that he wants to do a food challenge for eggs this summer.  Looking at how his skin tests have gone down each year he's convinced by now that he is probably over the eggs!  Woohoo!  Of course we're waiting until he's done with this seasonal allergy mess before we attempt any of this.  Bryce got very excited this morning when we talked about not being allergic to eggs anymore although I admit it will be weird cooking with them again after almost 5 years of avoiding them.  I even have a few eggless recipes that I'll probably continue to use in lieu of eggs because I think they are even better than the versions I have with eggs. 

Oh and I'm back on the sauce again too - Zyrtec - so I'm a bit zombiefied this morning.  I took it all last week when my ears started bothering me but stopped it over the weekend when I tired of feeling like an overly tired zombie.  But sure enough after a few days off the ear pain started again which means I could be on the road to ear infectionville and I will NOT let that happen again.  In this case, I'd rather feel like a stupefied version of myself than be alert and ear infection ridden.  I guess this is just the drill for me in allergy season.  It's weird though because I don't present with typical allergy symptoms in that I don't have the sneezing, watery/itchy eyes, or runny nose - I think it's just my sinuses and all that they are connected to get out of whack, hence the Eustachian tube issue which leads to ear infections.   Wake me when this is over, okay?

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Katie said...

Ay yay yay! That is a lot of medication for one little boy! Hope it clears up soon though.

The egg challenge reminds me of something I forgot to post...