Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Barf

Well, Caroline had another first today - getting sent home from school sick.  I've had several calls from the nurse over the course of the year (scratched eye, getting slightly hurt in class, etc) but this was the first time she was sick.  Apparently after snack she said she didn't feel good and went down to the nurse's office - Caroline really likes her (the school nurse is the mom of one of the kids at Bryce's school so we know her a little better).  No fever and Ms. Lauren offered to let her lay down for a bit but Caroline wanted to go back to class so she did but they sat a trash can next to her.  Thankfully, that was the right thing to do because she threw up soon after.  Then she went down to the nurse's office again where they called me and I got things in order to get her picked up (my mom happened to be out and about and went right from where she was to get her so Caroline wouldn't have to wait for me to come all the way from work and my MIL wouldn't have to pack up Bryce and Piper to come and get her).  In the time between Lauren calling me and my mom picking her up, Caroline projectile vomited in the nurse's office.  Oof.  (Apparently Caroline wasn't even phased by it and didn't even think twice about it - I love how little she worries about stuff like that!)

I was prepared for a day filled with barf since all of Caroline's other stomach viruses have played out that way.  But by the time I got home she was feeling fine.  She even wanted to eat something but I put the brakes on that and only let her have a little bowl of plain, unsweetened applesauce.  That went down fine too.  She played with Bryce for a bit but then mostly spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch saying she was tired, but she didn't sleep.  She told me a few times she was hungry but when I offered her more applesauce, toast or crackers she changed her mind.  We got her sipping on some Sprite and were hoping for the best that maybe it was just some random puking.  But then at about 7pm the Barf Fairy visited us again and she threw up (in a trash can - sick 6 year olds are so much easier to manage than sick 2 year olds!).

While we got the younger 2 kids in bed, Caroline went to bed on her own and Jason set up her bed with towels and a trash can.  I also think she had a little diarrhea too.  UGH!  Poor kid.  I REALLLLLLLY hope this doesn't spread.  But my hopes of that are very low given how hard it is to keep one kid from getting another one sick.  I do know this for sure though, I have already washed my hands about 35 times since 7pm and I've imposed an invisible barrier between my hands and my face so that I don't mistakenly get any stomach virus germs into my mouth - I do NOT want to get this.  Having sick kids is bad enough but to have it yourself is the worst.  The past 3 times I've had it, I've gotten it sometime in the middle of the kids getting it and I only "get to be sick" for about 2 hours then it's back to taking care of sick kids while I'm sick.

Jason is taking off tomorrow to stay home with Caroline (and Piper) so that we can try and keep his parents from getting it since they have picked it up from us twice in the past.  Of course, I remember from past experience just because someone gets well doesn't mean someone else isn't going to come down with it so I won't feel safe until a week after the last sick person is well.  Poor Jason's birthday on Friday - I hope none of  the kids give him a "special present."

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