Friday, April 16, 2010

One Reason American Kids Are Fat

Caroline had a half day at school today (her first one).  I know when I was a kid a half day meant you ate lunch at home.  But not anymore, now they HAVE to serve lunch because of the fact that so many kids are on free/reduced lunches and there is a fear they won't have any food to go home to (or something like that).  Anyway, because I knew they'd be crunching in lunch before dismissal at 12:15 (35 minutes before Caroline would normally eat lunch), there was no need to pack her a snack since they'd probably have lunch around the normal snack time.

Mommy thought wrong.

They DID have snack.  And not only did they have snack, they still offered breakfast.  WTH?  At Caroline's school, because it's a Title 1, they provide a free "breakfast" to all children - most schools in the county sell breakfast to those who want it.  I use the term breakfast loosely because it's rarely anything I would serve at my house (honey buns, oh wait, they are called whole wheat rolls, yeah right; animal crackers and string cheese, sugary cereal, etc)  So the kids were offered breakfast, had snack (which they all have to bring from home), and then lunch.  They didn't start school until 8:45 and they ate THREE times in 3 1/2 hours.  No wonder they didn't do much today - why bother having school?  Caroline asked me why I didn't pack her the usual snack of water and a granola bar - well, because you didn't need it!  I did feel kind of bad that she didn't have anything when she went to get her snack like the other kids, but SERIOUSLY?  Snack??????

And we wonder why so many American children are getting fat - not only are they being fed total crap but they are being fed too often.  WTH?

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