Saturday, April 03, 2010

I Want to Go HERE!

My mom called me this morning just to ask me if I'd seen the morning paper and if I'd seen the article about this:

Harry Potter's Wizarding World at Universal Orlando

Of course I had!!!!  I've known for a while it was in the works and have seen the commercials on TV but it was exciting to read the article and get more specifics on it.  We're starting to tentatively plan to do a Disney visit in 2012 but now I think the trip will include a day out of Disney to visit Universal because, well, my family loves Harry Potter.  We've been to Disney 3 times before when I was a kid and we never once ventured out of the park and I think as an adult and conceptualizing eventually taking our kids to Orlando, I also never really considered leaving the park even though I know there's much more to Orlando than just Disney.  But this kind of changes things since a chance to visit Hogsmeade and Hogwarts is pretty exciting.  I'm hoping that by the time we go in 2010 that we've started reading the books with at least Caroline, if not Bryce.  (I still think they are a little bit dark for my kids' sensitive "scary meters" so I'm holding off.)

Can I say too I'm looking forward to finding out one day what butterbeer tastes like?  I have a version in my head that has a butterscotch-ish type flavor so I hope I won't be disappointed.

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