Friday, April 30, 2010


7 years ago today we settled on our house!  I cannot believe it's been 7 years.  All the things we've done to our wonderful home in these 7 years.  We could finally say that every room in the house has been painted when Jason finished up the foyer in December - a task he'd been putting off for ages that turned out not to be so bad.  Now we're starting to think about repainting rooms for the first time.  (Oh and when I use the collective "we" in this post, I mostly mean Jason doing the work with help from various male family members, although I do deserve some credit for kid wrangling while he is doing those tasks, right?  I'm so grateful for a handy husband along with fathers and brothers who also know their way around a toolbox, and then some.)  We've put ceiling fans in most of the rooms, we've built on a very large and sturdy deck, we've hung and rehung blinds in all the rooms, we've built a playground in the backyard, we've done and redone our flower beds, we've managed to go from a complete mud pit to a beautiful, chemical free lawn.  Oh and I cannot forget the lovely tiled stone back splash in the kitchen that my dad did for us 2 years ago, I love that every single day!

And this weekend, how fitting on the 7th anniversary of our house, Jason is installing the Pergo that we bought a few weeks ago through the kitchen, foyer and powder room.  WOOHOO!  You have no idea how much we LOATHE the builder installed vinyl that is there now. (We had no choice when we built to have anything other than vinyl or hard wood and since we didn't want hard wood, we went with vinyl knowing we'd eventually do it over.)  Jason's brother, Jeremy, is coming down to help him out since he's done a few Pergo installations before.  It will certainly create an upheaval in the house considering it will require moving everything out of the pantry, the appliances to be moved, etc.  He's not going to do the powder room this weekend though since that will involve taking up the toilet and sink and that's a whole project in and of itself.  I am pretty sure we're going to put a new cabinet in there as well and I'm going to paint it a lovely shade of darker green that I saw at my friend Binnie's house recently.

And then once that's done the next big step will be purchasing a new kitchen dining set since the one we have is in terrible shape.  The table is a hand me down (2 fold) and the chairs were just a fit gap from a few years ago until we decided to upgrade.   We are mostly through the messiest of our eating phases so I think it's about time.  I love my mom's counter height table/chair set but I don't know if it's a great idea for us.  I'd really like something that can seat a few more people particularly since we use our dining room as a playroom (personally, unless you're a big entertainer, I don't see the point of a dining room anymore - I'd rather just have a huge eat-in kitchen area.).

And with all that we've done it just feels like we have sooooo much left to do.  But that's what having a house is all about.  We are saving next to replace the entire door unit on the front of the house and then we will be saving for finishing off the basement.  The door unit will probably be done by a contractor since that is a task you want done quickly and that is guaranteed but Jason is planning on doing the basement himself, mostly.  He's drawn up plans for it so many times in the past 7 years as to where he'll put the bar and how he'll set up the bathroom.  (I wonder if he still plans on putting a urinal in there?  I've already told him that he will be the one cleaning that bathroom and I promise to rarely ever use it!)  And then after that, I'd like to save to put on a front porch - something we should have done when we built but didn't think we had the money for.  I think one of the biggest detriments to getting things done in our house, besides money, is finding the time.  I'm already trying to figure out how to manage the kids tomorrow while Jason does the floor.  Thankfully it will be a lovely day so we can spend most of it outside rather than inside gumming up the works.  But they are getting older now and a littler easier to manage.  We can now accomplish things outside while the 3 of them play without running away or getting hurt!! 

We've talked to a lot of people in recent years about whether this is our house for the long term or short term and based on how much work has been put into it, I'm pretty sure we'll be here for a while.  It's a good size for us and as the kids grow and we need more space the basement will become a part of our living space.  Piper's room isn't very big but it's certainly not a closet.  Plus, we live so close to most of our family and that in and of itself is a pretty good deal.    It's also been nice now that the kids are getting older that we're seeing more of our neighbors that have young children as well and we all know how nice neighborhood playmates are.

So happy anniversary, Mr. House.  7 years and counting.....

ETA: I just realized the other issue with coming up on 7 years is what things need to be replaced in the years ahead.  Most everything in the house is 7 now - our mattress, dishwasher, washer/dryer.....  We replaced the original fridge in the fall, so it makes me wonder what's next?  We're both kind of hoping the dishwasher goes up soon - I'd love one that didn't make such a racket and held more.

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Lauren said...

Congrats, Erika! Your house sounds wonderful, and continuing new projects is such a labor of love.

I'm so jealous, too. Greg and I are "stuck" in our townhouse since he bought at the worst time and is majorly under water. We want a SFH so badly, and there are beautiful homes for sale in our neighborhood that are cheaper than what the townhouse cost. We just need so much more space- hope something with the market changes soon and we can finally get into our "dream house."

Have fun this weekend!