Sunday, April 18, 2010

HEPA Relief

Last week we ordered a HEPA air purifier for Bryce's room in an attempt to help him with his allergies.  It arrived on Friday and our plan is to run it 24/7 and to keep the windows/door shut to keep as much pollen out as possible.  He insists his door be open for sleeping but still it's better than nothing.  It's been 2 nights now and while his eyes are still ready for the eye drops when he wakes in the morning, I noticed that he hasn't had allergy induced, middle of the night coughing fits the past 2 nights!  Woohoo!  Finally, some help for the poor kid.  We will definitely continue our protocol.

Yesterday the kids and I went up to the neighbor kid's birthday party and they had an outdoor moonbounce rental that the kids LOVED.  But, it was sooooooooo windy the pollen was OUT OF CONTROL.  Even my eyes felt puffy when I got home from the constant barrage of windy pollen.  By the time bath time rolled around last night, Bryce was a mess.  His eyes looked worse than I'd seen them and he was all itchy.  Thankfully a full dose of all his meds, eye drops, and a night in the pollen free zone (or significantly reduced pollen zone) helped and he looked much better this morning.

His allergy checkup on Wednesday and I am hoping for a stronger antihistamine to get him through this nasty season.  Although I know how a stronger one could result in making him more drowsy which is lousy considering that I am currently a bit of a zombie thanks to my Zyrtec popping and I'd hate for him to feel the way I feel. Zyrtec never made me feel like this when I took it in my younger adult days but then, a glass of wine or a beer didn't make me fall asleep back then either.  Isn't aging grand?

I do think Bryce would have an easier time dealing with his allergies if I could get him to stop touching his eyes.  But then, that's like telling a fish not to swim.  It's a never ending cycle - he itches his slightly itchy eyes and irritates them (probably putting more pollen in them) and then they get itchier, and then more rubbing.  I keep hoping the tree bloom is over soon.  April has been brutal.

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BJ said...

Looks like it is a move in a positive direction. At least he is getting some relief from it. Hopefully it continues to allow for some better night sleeps.