Friday, April 02, 2010

Gray Invaders

On the mom's board I've been a member of for almost 7 years, everyone started talking about gray hair and made me realize we're all getting to that age......  Eeek!  I remember when I was pregnant with Piper all of a sudden finding a few.  And as luck would have it they all seemed to be in the back where I couldn't see them but the rest of the world could.  Oh the horror!  Of course, I did as any pregnant 31 year old would do, I PULLED those suckers out.  And hence, here I am today.  Still yanking.  I get a few here and there in the front, but why oh why are most of them rooted somewhere around the hair swirly place at the top of your head?   Every so often I will indulge myself and really good rooting for them.  I just love finding them because I love pulling them out so much.  And being that I have mega thick hair, losing a piece or two with it is no big deal.  I've got plenty more where that came from.

I guess I could in theory color it, but really, we're talking less than 20 hairs at this point most of which are pulled before they are a few inches long.  Plus, I really hate getting into the color cycle of having to do it every so many weeks - I just don't have the time for that and I certainly can't stomach spending the money to have it done in a salon.  (That's money I can put toward my kids and house!)  I've just never been someone who spends much money on themselves.  So I'll keep on plucking them until it starts becoming a more taxing job.  I remember as a kid I used to love helping my mom find her early grays too.  Caroline has tried to help me once or twice but usually ends up pulling out a clump of hair rather than a strand or two, not exactly a spa experience.

I remember when I first found them and thinking SERIOUSLY, I'm pregnant, how can I have gray hairs and be pregnant?  And now, I still get mistaken for a graduate student on a regular basis in my own office, how can I have gray hairs?  I'm not saying that I'll fight this battle until I'm as bald as Jason, I just don't think it's enough at this point for any kind of intervention or to just leave them and embrace my aging.  At least not until my kids look old enough to have a mom with gray hair. ;)

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Heather said...

I ditto your post. Pregnant and finding those suckers right where I can barely see them unless the light catches them just right. GRRR!