Friday, April 30, 2010

A Fungus Among Us

It's official....Caroline has ringworm on her leg. (Don't get too grossed out at the name, I honestly didn't know much about it either.  Click on the link to read more, it's really just the same fungus that causes athlete's foot, but NOT on the foot.  No worms involved....)

Anyway, last week I noticed this rash on her leg and figured maybe she'd gotten a weird bug bit or something, put some hydrocortisone on it and forgot about it because she didn't say anything more.  Then when she was getting her bath on Monday, I saw it again and noticed it was no better and maybe even a little worse.  Crap.  Glad that it hadn't spread, but dismayed it was no better.  I immediately took a photo and sent it to my mom (my resident nurse on call) since I wouldn't see her again for a few days.  She was having trouble getting email at the time so I then posted it to my friends on my online mom message board and within a few minutes I got a pretty definitive answer - ringworm!  (The women that diagnosed it are both moms who are physicians that I've known for several years, so I absolutely trust their opinions.)  And then the next morning I got my mom's response - probably ringworm (and what a great photo of it, at that!).  My doctor mom friends both recommended an OTC athlete's foot/ringworm cream so we started with that right away.  It still doesn't look much better but it can take a few weeks to kill off!  But if it's no better in a week, I'll definitely get her into see the doctor because she might need an oral treatment.

And then just a few minutes ago Nurse Wonderful (Caroline's school nurse) called to ask if I knew that the itchy spot on Caroline's leg was ringworm.  I laughed and said yes (and played along since this was the first in person diagnosis. Isn't the internet great?)  She said as long as we're treating it, it's fine for Caroline to be at school but since Caroline was wearing a dress today that she was going to put a dressing on it because she was having a hard time not itching it.   Poor kid.  She also reminded me to keep a look out for other spots on Caroline and on the other 2 kids, but given what Dr. Sears says, it's only mildly contagious so hopefully this will be it.  (Thank you to Nurse Wonderful for always being so sweet to Caroline!)

What's weird about the whole thing is that it's on Caroline's inner upper, thigh and not on some exposed spot on her arm or hand or something.  I mean, how did it get there????  Fingers crossed this cream clears it up soon!

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Eugene said...

I'm thinking a prescription antifungal will probably be needed. And keeping it covered is really needed while being treated.
YOu know that boys who wrestle in high school frequently get ringworm because they roll around on those mats that aren't sanitized and the fungus is passed on to it is contagious.
Mom (using dad's log-in)