Saturday, April 24, 2010

Few More Spring Photos

Piper loves the monkey bars all of a sudden and Jason is the best for helping them since he's so tall. Piper, being part monkey, is very intrigued by them and wants to do them often. Here's a little father/daughter moment on the monkey bars.

She was having so much fun outside that night just watching Jason throw a ball high up into the air and catching it. I felt like I caught some real joy in this shot.

And my Brycey - his face and eyes look so much better here, only 24 hours after seeing the doctor and starting his new treatments. It's so hard keeping him inside when it's beautiful or that he wants to stay inside because he feels so lousy. He wears that O's hat all the time now and constantly asks if the Orioles are winning. Can't sugar coat that answer....

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Lauren said...

Well, you can let Bryce know that his O's actually did win one game against my Red Sox this weekend.