Thursday, April 01, 2010

Annie's Playground

Just back from the entire morning and early afternoon at Annie's Playround.  If you live in the Baltimore area, you have to check it out sometime.   Truly the best free playground I've ever been to.  So clean and HUGE.  I'm so tired now.  A few pictures later - not much time for pics when you're wondering where your 3 kids are in the monstrous play land....

And we got to spend the morning with several of our friends - bonus!

ETA Photos - how cool is this playground?  It's colossal!

Zoe and Piper take a stroll

Seriously huge, but so much fun.  I was concentrating on following Piper so I took a deep breath and let Caroline and Bryce explore by themselves.  We set very clear rules that they were to stick together and never leave the playground.  We've talked about stranger danger many times and that if they are lost to ask another mommy for help.  Once Zoe and Taki arrived, they parted ways and each went with their partner in crime.  Piper kept hanging out with me and her very cute distant cousin, Liam.  We sat and had our picnic lunch in one of the pavilions and it was so nice having clean bathrooms to use too.   The place got progressively busier as the day went on but it was never out of hand.  Everyone was pretty respectful of one another - lots of parents around minding their children!  I was even surprised that the older kids were watching out for the little ones.  

The funniest story of the day was when I noticed Bryce didn't have his sunglasses.  He said he set them down and then couldn't find them.  I figured they were lost, whatever.  But then before lunch he said he remembered where he put them.  Again, really, they're gone, but I told him after lunch we could look.  Then just before we left I humored him and told him to show me where he put them.  So, he led Caroline and I on a really funny stroll all through the playground.  We went up and over things we totally didn't need to in order to get to the destination we ended up at, but typical Bryce, that was just his way of finding it again.  When we got to the little nook, he said, "This is where I put them down.  I know they're gone."  I told Caroline to go up in there and look and lo and behold, there they were!!  I was shocked they were still there given the number of kids there, but I guess everyone realized they belonged to someone who probably lost them.  I was surprised they were undamaged too given that they were on the ground.  In any event, it was a nice way to end the outing. 
We will definitely be going back sometime later this season!


Bertie said...

Love the summary of your day but I don't know where else to write that I love the picture of the kids in their "beach " mode!!! It's the best. Piper is so funny with those goggles on!

Erin said...

See, I actually DON'T like going to that playground when I have to take the kids by myself because it's SO huge. I have lost Ben on more than one occasion and it's scary! (notsomuch now that he is older, but when he was in the 3-4 range) And that exit out to the parking lot scares me too! I prefer a playground where I can sit on a bench and enjoy watching them have fun and not have to panic every ten minutes that they've disappeared. LOL!