Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And the AC is on....

Remember this from last year?  Well, more of the same today.  Poor kid.  He looks about the same today.  The problem seems to be these unseasonably warm April temperatures right at the peak of tree pollen season.  See, if the temperatures were seasonal right now (60's), we might have the windows open for a little while but not all the way open with ceiling fans going and crosswinds going through the house.  We wouldn't be spending as many minutes outside as possible either.  But because it has been so warm, we are doing all those things and tree pollen is everywhere.  And getting a 4 year old NOT to rub his itchy eyes, well that's impossible.  I love having the windows open and sleeping with them open, but after Bryce's symptoms have continued to worsen throughout the day, I knew there was no way around it anymore.  Aside from being tired, he was just plain done with all of his itchiness and stuffiness.  I can't imagine how bad his allergies would be without all 4 of his meds.  And thank goodness for those eye drops although his eyes are still pretty red.

I know the allergist is going to start pushing for immunotherapy in a few years (allergy shots), but I just don't know how we'd swing it.  You have to go weekly and with the office being open limited days/hours and being a little out of the way and then having to stay 20 minute after the shot and adding that it would always be in rush hour traffic, I don't know how we'd do it.  And let's not forget the expense, even with insurance.  If the allergist was a lot closer, I'd consider it based on how bad allergy season is for him.  Oh and have I mentioned how much Bryce hates shots?  Good heavens.  I wish there was an easier way around it.

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