Friday, April 02, 2010

3rd Children

Bryce and Caroline decided to spend the night at Nana and Big Dad's (my ILs) tonight since we're going up there for the whole day tomorrow so Jason and I decided to take advantage of having one kid and go out.  We ended up at what may become our "go to" Friday night eatery - the Island View Waterfront Cafe. It's not terribly far from us and it's right on the water - a good combo.  It's also very casual, has good burgers, and plenty of space for the kids to run around (if they had been with us).  The food isn't gourmet, but there's a nice variety, the wait staff is super nice and did I mention the view???

Anyway, we sat down and Piper instantly didn't want to sit in her high chair so we let her get up and walk around since the indoor dining room wasn't very crowded and she was being good.  Just as I was thinking it Jason said, "If this had been Caroline at this age, we never would have let her do that."  Nope.  First children seem to always be kept on a tighter leash.  Although Caroline probably would have sat in her chair longer too at that age.  Piper pretty much spent the entire time pre-food out of her chair and would occasionally break out into one of our elbow jabbing, leg kicking dances and even the occasional "la la la!" (They were playing Sirius' 60's station - I think she liked it!)   Everyone in the restaurant seemed smitten with her - she kept waving at every new customer that came in and would walk up to the windows and knock on them to get the outdoor diners' attention so she could wave hello.  (She's just gotten so social lately!) It didn't hurt that she was wearing one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen her in and we have Nana to thank for that!  She ate a good dinner and made goo goo eyes at the server every time she walked by.  I didn't even flinch when I realized she was chewing on a piece of cracker she'd picked up off the floor - such is life of a 20 month old, she'll survive.

It's just so funny how more relaxed we are with Piper than we were with Caroline and Bryce.  Caroline was the first baby where you are so afraid to make mistakes.  Bryce, while not the first, was still born close enough to Caroline that we were in the same habits.  But by the time Pipes came along, we barely had to think.  I don't worry when she won't eat.  I don't worry when she doesn't really nap (although she still does most days!).  However, the relaxed way we deal with her doesn't mean she gets away with more than her siblings did.  We're just as strict about acceptable behavior - I refuse to get lax with that.   Although tantrums are probably more easily ignored than ever and I don't give in as easily when she wants something she can't have.

It was really nice to spend the evening just the 3 of us together even though I missed her siblings very much.  (Even though it's quieter and calmer going out with only one, I feel kind of like a broken puzzle going out without all 5 of us - I just like the 3 kid dynamic as crazy as it can be.)

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