Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yay for Loud Noises

Often young children aren't a fan of loud noises. Caroline and Bryce have never been. So of course, Piper is the opposite. The kid LOVES loud noises. Yesterday while Jason was doing some drilling right behind her chair while she ate lunch, every time he drilled she shrieked and clapped her hands. Any time I turn on the garbage disposal she comes running and laughing. And then yesterday she was up "helping" Bryce and me make black bean brownies and when I turned on the immersion blender to blend up the beans she was THRILLED. Laughing, SHRIEKING, yelling....she LOVES it. She even loves the vacuum, something that makes me feel all twitchy. Such a funny little kid....

In other Piper news, we have more proof she's choosing not to talk. We've had two more occasions where we casually tell her what to say or ask her what something is and she spits out something that sounds exactly like what we're asking for. It's almost like you catch her off guard, she says it, and then she realizes "Shoot, I'm not supposed to be showing them I can talk!!!"

She's also got a favorite new song - 'Rockabye Your Bear' by the Wiggles. Absolutely lights up her world. From the clapping in the beginning to the shushing at the end - she wants to hear it over and over. She'll even accept a version sung by her siblings and me. Too bad every time I play it for her on the CD player an older sibling turns it to a song they like better. I've got to try and get a video of her antics when I play it. Too cute not to record.

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