Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Word of the Day is "Secret"

Tonight at dinner I was asking Bryce about his adventures with Pete the Pirate at my mom's house.  Apparently the day before they made up a story how a pirate named Pete lives at my mom's house and sneaks around and does naughty stuff when you aren't looking.  It sounds like they had a great time pretending to look for him and then seeing the things that "Pete" did.  (Bryce gets a kick out of turning on lights and blaming it on Pete now.)

As I was talking to Bryce about it I said, "Pete the Secret Pirate" and as soon as I did, Piper starts doing her "I have a secret" whisper talk.  Apparently you can no longer say the word "secret" in my house without Piper going into her secret mode.  I had to lean over to hear so she can "whisper" in my ear because no secret is complete unless it's heard, right?

So if you come by my house, be careful about using the word "secret" in common conversation because Piper will be ready to tell you bunches of secrets and she won't let up until she gets her grubby little hands on your face and tells it to you right in your ear.


Bertie said...

They're my special little playmates!

Anna said...

that's too sweet!

Heather said...

Please get a video of Piper telling secrets...that is too precious!