Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sprung Forward

Last night the kids spent the night at my parents while Jason and I had a date. Nothing exciting - we had a gift card for Chili's and then went to Barnes & Noble and then Lowe's. We had contemplated seeing a movie until we saw what was actually playing and realized it wasn't worth the money b/c everything that is out is not interesting to us. (No sappy movies for us, no Matt Damon action movies that are basically the same over and over, NO NO NO Avatar, I have never liked Tim Burton movies, and no interest in Shutter Island.) February/March is the wasteland for movies anyway since it's post-Oscar movie release time (at least in regular theaters) and pre-spring/summer blockbusters. Blah!

So after a salty meal at Chili's (good heavens they over salt their food!) we walked down to BN where we got a few books for all 3 kids for Easter (and a cute stuffed Oliva for Piper - she's in love with Oliva). I also treated myself to a caramel macchiato at Starbucks and didn't realize until we were already at the car that the dude used the dark cherry flavoring instead of vanilla. So I had a caramel cherry macchiato - eh. Damn it. Our Lowe's trip was equally fruitful and we left with new gardening tools for the kids, seeds for mesclun greens and snap peas (it's almost time to plant them!), a sample of the new kitchen flooring we think we're putting down, and catalogs for replacing our front door.

I'm very excited that we're finally going to be redoing our foyer and kitchen floor. I think we're going to go with a medium stained Pergo "wood." We hate hate hate the vinyl that came with the house but at the time, the choice was either hard wood or vinyl and since we didn't want to mess with real hard wood for several reasons, we went with vinyl. 3 kids plus white-ish vinyl is not a good mix after almost 7 years.

The other big project is one that I wish we didn't have to do, but we do. Our front door unit (door and side lights) hasn't been right since the day we moved in. It's hard to lock and just isn't straight. In the first year of living here it was replaced twice by crappy subcontractors. We thought after the 2nd time that it was okay, but it was not. And given the fact that it gets full afternoon (HOT) sun, it's warping and we're afraid one day it's just not going to lock one day. I'm pretty sure that it was also installed badly and because of that rain got in and parts of it are rotting. Soooooooo, we picked up brochures about new door units. Definitely not cheap, but we're going to make sure it's done right this time. Ideally, I'd like to put a front porch on too but that is a HUGE hoop dream at this point. We need a bunch of other things done first including finishing the basement before we commit to something like that. We had also contemplated looking at new shrubbery last night also but given the rain, that didn't happen.

So this morning my mom brought the kids home and after having been up late and up early and then on top of the fact that they have colds, I decided just to "spring forward" now and get them on their new schedule. So they have had lunch, baths, and are now napping in hopes of rallying their tired bodies to have a decent late afternoon and evening. Let's hope this doesn't backfire.


Viv said...

You're right a new enrty way is sooo expensive! We have to get a new set up due to rotting and warpped wood. We need 2 new sidelights, new transom, new door and new storm door. We looked at Lowes & HD but since we are a "custom size" (our house was built in 1993 and was NO WAY a custom house it was close to $10,000! YIKES! We did some research and we're going with Champion for our whole new entry way - just what we needed and expected but for much less (still not cheap though) and they are getting us shutters to match the new front door color. I am so excited for this project to be over - our door way is ugly and with all the other new ness we did to our house this past fall a new entryway is so needed! Good luck!

BJ said...

I know this is sad, but I actually miss home improvement projects. I don't necessarily miss the cost, but I miss doing them. Good luck with the flooring and front door!