Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Tired

I think we made the most of this beautiful weekend considering Jason and I still aren't at the top of our games with this virus.  Yesterday after cleaning up from our gardening endeavor, we took the kids down to Marcus and Binnie's to hang out with them and Katie and Landon (and of course all the kiddies).  Katie posted some really cute pictures on FB of all the kids sitting at a dinner table together.  From Caroline all the way down to Piper, all 7 kids sat around a round table and talked and ate their dinner.  Piper made me laugh because she was totally into sitting with the big kids in a real chair with the same plates, juice boxes, and utensils that they all had.  They had a ball playing with Natalie and Andrew's super fun toys and having the run of the place.  I just hope we didn't mess things up too much!  We stayed until after 8:30 and then made our way home.  Bryce talked the entire way.  No joke.  No wonder he was so tired today!  And a complete grouch.  Everything made him cry cry cry.  I hate Sundays for the sheer reason that it's one of the days we try to get them to pick up their playroom completely and it is always met with resistance.  Caroline did a good job today (I think she remembers losing her radio last week for not picking up!) but Bryce was a wreck.

Jason tried getting him to lay down when Piper went down for her nap but Caroline was out bird watching/drawing and I was out back washing windows so he was more interested in what was going on outside of his window then to be sleeping.  He finally sat still on my lap while we watched the Terps game (ugh!) and passed out for the entire 2nd half.  I had to wake him up to tell him the Terps lost and that woke him up.  He spent the rest of the evening checking to make sure Duke was losing (they weren't).  He had another meltdown after dinner when he was supposed to finish his part of picking up and I finally got him to do it when Piper put a few things away and I showed how proud I was of her.  Of course that made him realize he could do it too.  I will be so glad when Piper isn't wrecking the house and they can't blame every mess on her.  Often it's not her original mess, she just makes it worse, but she gets blamed for everything because they think it will get them out of cleaning.  Nope.  It's just such an exhausting endeavor every time we need to clean it up.  I took away almost all of the play kitchen food and dishes over a month ago because I was so tired of the mess - they don't even seem to miss it and the playroom is slightly less messy most days.  I know I should make them clean it up every single day, but I just don't have the energy.  I really do believe Piper can be blamed for the "scatteredness" of it, so I get their complaint, but they don't like my rebuttal that I clean up after them in other rooms all the time and it wasn't my mess.

So, I'm just plain tired.  Worn out.  So nice having the sun out and the windows open - did worlds of good for my soul but I'm zapped mentally and physically.  Sometimes just saying the same things over and over without much of  response can wear you out.

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