Saturday, March 06, 2010

Poor Daddy

On Thursday evening, Jason went up to bed and I stayed downstairs watching a few Thursday night shows.  Sometime around 9:30, I heard Piper start crying and after a minute or two Jason went in.  Generally, when Piper wakes up at night, I go in, settle her down and she's back to sleep in less than 2 minutes.  I think it's just worked out that it's usually me as a holdover from the breastfeeding days when Jason managed the other two if they woke up and I handled the baby.  (Jason is still usually the one who goes in when Bryce wakes up in the middle of the night because he's having a bad dream brought on by having to go to the bathroom.)  

Anyway, Jason went into her room and as soon as she saw him she instantly got MORE upset.  Cries turned into  YELLING.  Jason got fed up pretty quickly as she would not calm and left her in the crib.  I decided to let her fuss for a bit but Jason decided to go back in after a few more minutes of ticked off Piper.  Again, this made her even angrier and as the cries escalated, I went back up just as Jason was giving up again.

I went in and she was soooooooooo upset that I couldn't get her to calm down - she was that worked up.  But, I rocked her and started singing our usual bedtime song, "Twinkle Twinkle," and she finally stopped crying.  She snuggled up with me trying to catch her breath and she finally relaxed.  Clearly, she only wanted me.  Poor Jason - he was just trying to help.  It's the same story if she gets hurt too - the only person to comfort her is me.  (Or if I'm not there she'll want my MIL or mom.)  She did something similar once in the middle of the night too.  It's all about mommy.

Bryce was like this too, so I'm not surprised, it just makes me feel bad that Jason gets the short end of the stick sometimes.


jason said...

Well thanks for the sympathy. It is frustrating sometimes.

Viv said...

My girls are the same way - they love daddy but when it comes to hurt/upset all they want is Mommy!