Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oatmeal Verdict

I should have taken a photo of my delicious oatmeal this morning.  I should have taken a photo at the less than enthused faces of my children upon eating it.  I should have taken a photo of the mess in the crockpot too.  But I didn't.  I had to get Bryce to school for his Easter party (I wouldn't have sent him since I am off today, but he didn't want to miss his party.)

The oatmeal was wonderful.  I may have put a few too many raisins in, but they were more for the benefit of the kids.  When I make it again, I will save the dried fruit for when I'm about to eat it.  I sweetened it with honey and the kids were not interested.  Bryce kept saying he liked it, he just didn't like the taste of it.  Huh?  I think he was trying to be nice.  I really am not surprised, they hate when I make homemade old fashioned oatmeal - they only like instant.  Oh well.   More for me, right?  I'd definitely make it again.  Everyone seems to suggest sweetening it with maple syrup but I can't stomach the stuff.  I can't stand the smell, frankly.  Even instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal makes me feel a little nauseous - we don't keep it in the house.   I'll stick to honey or brown sugar and you definitely don't need much.  As for the aftermath in the crock, I really wished I'd had a glass dish that would have fit into my crock so it wouldn't have been a little bit burned around the edges and so stuck to the sides.  I'll need to look for a good sized Pyrex bowl that will fit in my big crock since I doubt I'd find one to fit in my oblong smaller crock.

After the girls and I got Bryce to school, we headed over to pay a visit to the woman who used to do daycare for Piper for her first year of life.  Ms. Teresa is the nicest and sweetest lady and even though Piper stopped going there at the end of June, she still remembered her.  Piper walked right in and sat right on her lap without any fear like she often has for strangers.  Teresa and I chatted while Caroline played with Piper and the younger kids.  Then after that we went over to my mom's to bide the time while waiting to go and pick up Bryce.

So now Piper is napping and the kids are having way too much fun with the box that the latest shipment of diapers came in from  Just waiting for P to wake up so we can get outside.  The ground is still pretty squishy so I'll try to corral them out of the grass - tomorrow we have big outdoor plans and I'm hopeful a day of sunshine will have dried most of the puddles up.

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