Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Helper

Randomly, Caroline will do super helpful things that I was never expecting.  Like when she was 3 1/2 and started changing Bryce's diapers when they woke up on weekend mornings.  Or when she's decided to make breakfast for herself before we come down on weekend mornings.  Occasionally she'll even clean up her room without being asked!   It's totally random, but I appreciate it and love it so much because it shows me how much she is capable of and how responsible she is becoming.

So what did she do this morning?  Well, aside from making breakfast for all 3 kids before I finished getting myself dressed, she also got Piper a sippy cup full of milk and brought it upstairs for her since I hadn't gone in to get her out of the crib yet.  I'm standing there getting dressed and I hear, "Good morning, Piper!!!!  Here is your big cup of milk!!"  I could practically hear the smiles on both their faces - Piper's out of happiness at seeing her sister with a cup of milk in hand and Caroline's out of her pride for what she had accomplished. 

I quickly went to see the outcome and there was Piper standing in her crib with a lidded sippy cup just sipping away.  Caroline had the proudest look on her face and I dropped to my knees to envelop her in a bear hug.  What a big girl!  "I even made sure I gave her the red milk."  (The whole milk is in a white and red carton.) 

And then I went downstairs after changing Piper and there was Bryce and Caroline sitting and eating bowls of mini-wheats and cups of apple juice.  And at the head of the table was a bowl of mini-wheats for Piper, her fav!  Not only that, Caroline had cleaned up her mess by putting the milk/juice containers away, the cereal away and putting the chair she had used as a stool back in the playroom!  This was no ordinary day!  And the only mess was a few shreds of mini-wheats on the counter.  (In the past when she's made breakfast nothing had been cleaned up or put away.)  I was just so proud of her, I called Jason right away to tell him. 

I wonder if it had anything to do with the major fit she threw last night at dinner because she didn't like what we were having.  Lately she's been a lot better about meals she doesn't like, but something really was off last night and she threw a world class fit that I ignored and she eventually ended up eating everything.  After she calmed down we had a talk about how ridiculous she acted and that she's 6 years old and shouldn't be acting like Piper does when she's mad about something.  I guess she really took it to heart because she was acting beyond her 6 years this morning.   I was sure to "brag" about it to Nana and Big Dad when they arrived too much to Caroline's enjoyment of hearing her accomplishments lauded.

And not only do I love that she's taking the initiative, but I love how it involves being thoughtful too.  Making breakfast not only for herself, but for Bryce and Piper.  Plus thinking about Piper in her crib and how much she would like a cup of milk while she waited for me to come in and get her.  It's like she's a little mother sometimes - I think that's an oldest girl thing.  (She's managed to get Piper out of her crib a few times without putting the rail down which is something I've nixed because of how dangerous that is.)  I know not every day will be like this (although she says she's going to make breakfast every day now!), but it certainly is a treat for me.  And an added bonus is that when she's being helpful like this she is super nice to Bryce and in return, he is super nice to her.  Definitely sweet music to a mother's ears at 7am.


Erin said...

Wow! Jealous!

Heather said...

WOW! I am impressed!