Saturday, March 27, 2010

MeeMaw Saturday

After a nice and easy Saturday morning of just 2 kids (much quieter when one of the 2 kids who tend to get into fights isn't here), we headed over to my mom's to spend the afternoon and evening.  Jason and I had a little mini outing to Target (mmmmmmmm!) where we picked up a few things we needed along with a few little Easter goodies for the kids. By the time we got back, Piper was napping and we were waiting for MeeMaw to get back from her weekly hairdo appointment.  (I love that she still gets her hair washed and set every weekend and cute that she had it done while down here visiting.)  So I played a game of old skool Memory with Bryce and while we were in the middle of it, Piper woke up and MeeMaw came home.

Even though Piper has been around my grandmother a lot this week, she's still a little unsure of her.  She won't sit on her lap but she'll "talk" to her and sit next to her.  Here she is telling her one of her secrets while they were sharing Goldfish snacks.

I was also surprised to see that my grandmother had recently acquired a digital camera - a nice little point and shoot at that!  Although she got it shortly before going into the hospital in December and she declared, "I haven't used it much because I obviously didn't take it with me to the hospital."  So I don't think she had pondered what she was going to do with her photos now that she had taken some she might want to do something with.  I advised her to just take the whole camera to her local place where she usually gets film developed and I'm sure they will help a nice lady like you out.  She was very interested in the fact that she would get to pick only the ones she wanted to print and not have to print them all.   How's that for a 81 year old and technology?  I hope she'll remember my advice!

I took a bunch of photos of Piper today because she was being so silly and she was hanging around more than the other 2.  (Caroline arrived after 3pm with my MIL and SIL who had treated her to quite a day of shopping - her choice! - and lunch.  You should see the adorable clothes and jewelry she got.)

Here's Piper looking a little bit too much like me - it's really eerie sometimes:

With Pop Pop, who she just adores (except when he takes his shoes off, she doesn't like his naked feet), I think he likes her a little bit too:

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