Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mee Maw

My dad's mom, Mee Maw, is down visiting with my parents this week.  She was released from rehab a few weeks ago after a long stay there and in the hospital that started before Christmas.  Her infection is no longer infectious and she's doing much better.  She's even driving short distances again.  My mom and dad went up to get her on Sunday and she'll be here through this Sunday.

On Monday, when my mom has the kids, Mee Maw got to tag along for the normal routine of the day.  I know how much she enjoyed spending the day with them and I'm glad she was able to.  Piper wouldn't really go to her, but she surprised us all by uttering another word!  "MeeMaw!"  Clear as day!  What?  Piper?  Are you really finally starting to talk?   I know my grandmother was just tickled over it.

Piper also said "Dadeeeee" today when I prompted her, but then refused to repeat it.  And then earlier this evening Jason said, "I love you, Piper." And she responded "Ah oooh oooo." right back.  So not real words, but she mimicked his cadence and syllables and that's a start!

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