Monday, March 29, 2010

Matilda Night

Randomly tonight after dinner, I turned on the TV to let Caroline finish up a movie she had started watching earlier just as Matilda was coming on.  In about 2.4 seconds, Caroline was sucked in.  Didn't take much longer for Bryce to become totally enthralled too.  (And who's lying, I had a hard time finishing up dinner clean up myself, I wanted to watch!)  I had seen parts of it before and probably all of it but never at one sitting since as I watched it, nothing was a surprise.  I was a little tentative since the parents and principal characters are a bit scaryish and nasty, but I kept reminding the kids in the stressful situations that it was just a movie and it would be okay.

They LOVED it!  Even Piper sat still for most of it and Jason watched too.  I couldn't believe it.  It is just such a cute movie and to see how excited they got when Matilda and the kids get even was really cute.  Although my favorite part was when Mr. Wormwood rips up Matilda's library book early in the film and the second he did it there was a very loud gasp heard coming from Caroline.


Now, Caroline has been taught about library books before kindergarten from our library excursions and borrowing, but I think it has been her time in the library at school with careful attention being paid on how to treat books that hit this one home for her.  She was as upset as Matilda was to see that book ripped up.  And while you might think that Caroline's favorite character was Matilda, you would be wrong.  Caroline fell in LOVE with Miss Honey.  In fact, I had to call her Miss Honey the rest of the evening.  But I can't say I mind because Caroline took special note of how nice and helpful Miss Honey was.  How kind, gentle, and patient too.  We went upstairs after the movie to get ready for bed and she was as sweet as could be.  I didn't even have to ask her to do any of her bedtime rituals and when she was having a hard time getting the zipper up on her footie PJs, instead of throwing a snit fit as she usually does when she can't do something on her own but won't ask for help, she came over and sweetly asked for help.

I told Jason we should watch Matilda every night if this is the kind of behavior it elicits.

Caroline also enjoyed seeing how excited Matilda was about books because Caroline is at that hungry reading stage too where she's taking all the books from Piper's room (baby books) because they are pretty easy for her to read.  Plus, she's reading a lot of the stage 1 readers too.  Tonight she read me one of the Fancy Nancy books but I had to pretend she was the teacher, Miss Honey, before we could start.  It's surprising me on a daily basis the words that she knows - today I was pretty excited for her knowing the words 'beautiful' and 'English' without my prompting.

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Erin said...

Oh!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!!!!!