Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Low Class Neighbor

We live in a nice little neighborhood, mostly families with a few random exceptions. The houses are spaced pretty well apart, which is actually an oddity these days since most new homes in our area that we see are spaced WAY too close together. It was one of the positives about this neighborhood when we chose to build here over 7 years ago. However it is interesting how much people keep to themselves here. Often in the summer we'll be the only ones outside on a beautiful evening. Weirdly quiet sometimes..... There are a few families down the street with kids around our kids' ages, but we must all be on different schedules or they are never outside because we just don't see them very often.

Our immediate surrounding neighbors are an elderly couple next door (VERY quiet), an older professional woman across the street who is almost never home, and a early 40 something couple next door with a daughter in her senior year of high school. This couple, let's call them C and R, were really nice when we moved in back in 2003. They were very social when we first moved in and we'd see them all the time. Jason helped R build his fence and then R helped Jason by getting a machine from his work to dig a big trench in the back yard for the sump pump drain. Very nice - C seems a little weird, but nothing too odd. They kept their house looking nice and they are fairly quiet.

Well, as the years progressed things got strange. We are pretty sure there are some other things going on to make it manifest on the outside of the house and given what I've been told from another set of neighbors who talk to C and R more often, things have been tough on them. We kind of guessed that C was an alcoholic and this was confirmed by the other neighbors. As time has gone on, they've taken much less pride in their house and it doesn't look very good. It's like they don't care very much anymore. They don't mow very often and then when they do, they mow it way too short. They have 3-4 dogs in their back yard that I don't think gets picked up very often. Their wooden fence they put up is starting to rot and has fallen apart in places and is completely grown over by the woods along the back property line. It's not a complete eye sore, so we're thankful for that, but it's just not the same way it was kept when we first moved in.

And then you have C who is a loose cannon. She just will randomly pop by if she sees you outside sometimes and will share the most random details of her life, that are often a bit TMI. She's a bit foul mouthed also and has NO filter - I guess if you aren't exactly sober, you don't really think about those things. I certainly have used bad language in my life but I always consider my audience and would never ever use it in front of young children - especially mine. Usually when she'll pop by, the kids are kind of doing their own thing in the yard and not standing very close by, thankfully. You see where this is going?????

So yesterday the kids and I were out on the deck - Caroline and Bryce were skating and Piper was running around and enjoying the nice weather. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, C comes walking over looking her usual mess (badly fitting pajamas at 4pm, messy hair, etc) carrying this mangy looking dog I've never seen before.

"Hey, I just wanted to apologize."

"Oh yeah, for what?" I asked having NO idea what she was talking about - as usual.

"Well, last week the garbage men picked up my trash and they busted a bag full of dog shit all over the sidewalk and it landed in both of our yards."

She didn't even flinch when she said it. The kids were standing RIGHT THERE. There was no escape. What was going to come out of her mouth next???? I didn't even know what to say - so she continued.

"Yeah, I don't know what they were doing, they just threw the bag around and dog shit and cat litter went EVERYWHERE. I was out there that night when I realized it picking up as much as I could."

Again, no realization that she was using entirely inappropriate language around my children. WTH, lady? She was clearly all fired up about this trash issue and didn't even realize she was dropping the "S bomb." I just told her we hadn't noticed and clearly it wasn't her fault, but I appreciated her letting me know. I just wanted her to leave before she said something else. Which she did......ugh.

Generally when the kids are exposed to bad language randomly, we are careful not to bring any notice to it in hopes that not really acknowledging it at this point will make them not notice either and it seems they didn't really notice. But really, I was just so taken aback, I didn't say anything. I should have. I was kind of embarrassed for her. Maybe she talks like that around her kid, but I certainly do not speak that way in front of my children. Such a scum bag.....


Lauren said...

You just have to wonder why some people think that certain behaviors are acceptable. We live in a really nice, quiet neighborhood too, but there are certainly a few exceptions. There used to be a guy named Rodney that lived down and across the street from us that would stand in his front yard all day long, drinking beer, and "watching" his many kids (from different moms I guess? I was never really sure) play in the street. He would yell foul language constantly, which could easily be heard from our house down the street. He never left the house- and you never saw a mother figure, just tons of kids. Very bizzarre. Random guys would come by and drink with him in his front yard (and probably make drug deals) and the kids were often left unsupervised to play in the street. Then, one day last June, they were all gone and haven't been seen since. I don't know what happened, but I'm SO glad they are gone and our pleasant community has gained back some peace (and class).

Heather said...

That's sh*tty!