Monday, March 08, 2010

I Should Start a Choir

Piper has started singing a lot more lately - never a song that has much of a tune and obviously none with words given her general disdain for using language we can understand. But, she does a lot of "da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" and so much so that the other day Jason and I couldn't hear the TV because she was singing so loud. Caroline and Bryce are singers and sing a lot, so it makes sense that Piper would too since she copies so much of what they do.

But yesterday took the cake and tells me how much Piper is observing Caroline. She had just gotten up from her nap at my mom's and we went out back and she wanted to swing while the big kids played in the dirt. I was pushing her from the front and the sun was kind of in her eyes and she was still a little bit in her post-nap daze so she would close her eyes from time to time.

And with the most serious face, she started this really low singing. She would close her eyes and make these very serious expressions that were quite soulful. Every now and then it would get a little louder, but not much. They sounded like very sad songs. Every time she would make a new face or sing a little louder my mom and I would just start to giggle because Piper was SO serious. What made it even funnier to me is that I've watched Caroline a LOT recently singing in very serious faces and clearly, Piper has taken note. I only wished I'd had a video right then because it was the funniest and cutest thing. I don't know if she was feeling particularly soulful or what, but the situation certainly yielded a funny little memory of my baby girl.

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