Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Can't Remember Everything

It seems the kids always want to do things at inopportune times.  Like tonight, Caroline wanted to play on the computer at 7pm - that's bathtime.  Jason told her, remind me tomorrow after your homework and you can have some time.  "Ugh, I have to remember!!" was her response.

And then this weekend, we kept passing a house that had plastic eggs hanging from their tree and I told the kids, remind me tomorrow and we'll decorate our tree too.  They forgot and so did I.  So tonight at dinner, Bryce remembers.  Mind you it's 50 degrees, cloudy and windy.  Sorry buddy, no eggs tonight.  Remind me tomorrow!

It's not that I can't remember things for my kids - I remember the big things quite well - school assignments, lunches, doctor's appointments (which reminds me, I gotta make that allergist checkup, Erin, you going soon?) - but I forget these little details sometimes.  And it's those details that are the bigger deals to them.  They don't notice that you remembered to wash their muddy tennis shoes they worked in the garden in so they can wear them on gym day.  They don't realize you remembered to fill up their allergy medicine prescription so that they won't have nasty allergy symptoms all day.  But they sure do remember when you forgot to DVR the new episode of the favorite show they wanted to watch.

Typical kids - because I'm sure they would notice if I forgot to pack their lunch or made sure they had an extra set of clothes at school - but it's the smaller details that often thrill them more too.  Remembering something special to pack in their lunch definitely gets rave reviews (and big hugs and kisses too).


Erin said...

Hey there! :) Both my kids are doing so well on just Zyrtec this year that I think I'm going to put off the visit to Dr. S as long as I can!

Erika said...

Mine are right now but I know when pollen season kicks into high gear in a few weeks, Bryce needs this triple allergy cocktail that involves an Rx nasal spray and Singulair. And if you haven't seen the doc in 6 months, they won't issue refills. :( I'm sure I could get them from our family doc though, but until Bryce's egg allergy is cleared up, we'll have to keep seeing him.....bah!