Monday, March 15, 2010


Here's the growth chart on the wall of the kids' bathroom. Hard to believe that Piper is almost as old as Caroline was when Bryce was born. Look at how big she is getting! Piper was the tallest of all 3 kids until just this month and now Bryce has beaten her at 20 months. Bryce is getting quite close to Caroline's measurements six months earlier so it makes me wonder how long it will be before he catches up to her.

I think Jason had this idea when we formulated the kids' bathroom in early 2005. I know I wanted some sort of growth chart but this "ruler" type measuring wall was his idea. Guess we can't ever move....or if we do, we'll be ripping this section of the wall out to take with us. (I think my brother helped a friend do just that a few years ago when his family moved from their childhood home.)

Oh and we didn't measure Caroline until 14 months because she didn't start walking until just after 13 months. B and P were walking at 1 year, hence the 1 year measurement.

(And the messed up measurements is because I used to have these clear labels marking their height - and then Caroline decided to wash them one day - they were ink jet labels. Thankfully the pencil marks remained beneath them so I was able to restore them although I messed up a couple of times. We no only do it with permanent marker.)


Erin said...

I wish I had done this... might have to start. Better late than never!

Viv said...

It killed me to leave the growth charts at our old towhouse this summer. I need to start a new one here soon, but it's not the same but it'll be something :)