Sunday, March 14, 2010


Caroline's new "name" of the week? Fergie. Gag. I say "name" in quotes because I had to inform Caroline that Fergie is not her real name. (It's Stacy Ferguson, in case you didn't know.) Caroline has loved the Black Eyed Peas since "Boom Boom Pow" came out last year but she really hasn't seen any of their videos since they're a little questionable for a 6 year old. But I think she really likes that newer song "Meet Me Half Way" where Fergie has a lot of solo singing which is what Caroline really likes and I'm pretty sure that I identified her as the singer to Caroline. Well, now Caroline wants to be called Fergie.

In an attempt to take the bloom off the Fergie rose, I told Caroline the story about Fergie peeing her pants on stage a few years ago. The verdict is still out on that one....

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