Friday, March 26, 2010

An Evening with My Boy

Caroline has had her night alone with Nana and Big Dad planned for weeks so shortly after I got home this evening, she left for the night/part of the day tomorrow.  That left us with only 2 kids.  It's still funny to me how much less work 2 is than 3 - even when the one gone is the oldest.  Jason and Bryce went and got some pizza and brought it home and then after dinner, I played a rousing game of Memory with Bryce.  I think we either tied or he beat me fair and square - smarty pants.

Then after Bryce ate the last pudding that Nana had made and I kept filling Piper's mouth up with the leftover can of whipped cream, Bryce and I took Piper upstairs and got her ready for bed.  Then, it was mine and Bryce's turn.  He's such a sweetie.  While I got the bleaching part done of cleaning my shower, he laid on my bed watching TV just waiting for his turn.  Then, when it was all clear he came in and helped to clean the bathtub while I finished cleaning the shower.  Once the tub was clean, he got to take a nice, long bubble bath while we chatted as I cleaned the rest of the room.  Then, it being almost 9pm, I got him out and all ready for bed while he just talked the entire time.  He told me stories about kids at school, he asked me answers to addition problems, he asked me about what words started with which letters......  Then we snuggled into his bed tent and read our favorite book we read together, The Pout Pout Fish.  He likes to read the refrain part with me each time and then we kiss a lot at the end when the fish all do their smooching.  Bryce loves to give out kisses, so it's no surprise.  Then we laid there pressing the foot of his stuffed animal Dug, from Up.  Dug says a bunch of little phrases from the movie, but Bryce's favorite is to lip sync to the line where Dug barks and then howls.  The look on his face when he pretends to howl makes me laugh every single time and he cycles through all of Dug's lines to get to it just so he can make me laugh again and again.  Nothing like my Brycey for a snuggly and cute Friday night.

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